Super Quick Cheesy Potato Rice Ball Recipe

Do you have leftover mashed potatoes and cooked rice lying somewhere inside your refrigerator? There’s a delightful treat that you can make out of those that both children and adults alike will surely love. Read on if you cannot bear to see those leftover mashed potatoes and cooked rice slowly rotting away!

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You can always make a fresh batch of gravy to make that leftover mashed potatoes look appetizing once more. You can always whip up a side dish to turn leftover cooked rice into something eye-catching once again.

Or you can simply combine the two and come up with something so delicious — and no one will believe that your latest culinary masterpiece is actually made from seemingly-useless leftovers. One look at the finished products and you yourself may actually doubt that you made those treats using ingredients no one would want to eat anymore!

And what are those treats? Cheesy potato rice balls!

The name alone is enough to make anyone’s mouth instantly fill with saliva. But wait until your family and friends get a whiff of them while you’re baking them and until they catch a glimpse of them the moment that you serve them on the table — everyone will surely go gaga over these potato rice balls boasting of a really cheesy flavor!

Because they are baked and not deep fried, you can be certain that what you are about to present to everyone won’t ruin their figure and health. But because both potatoes and rice are high in calories, they should be eaten in moderation. That’s okay because a piece or two is enough to make everyone feel so satisfied.

Excited to turn those unwanted mashed potatoes and cooked rice in the refrigerator into awesome balled treats? Here’s the simple recipe for making cheesy potato rice balls:


2 cups of mashed potatoes 

2 cups of cooked rice 

1 cup of cheddar cheese (grated) 

1 cup of green peas (canned and drained) 

1 cup of bread crumbs 

1 medium-sized egg (beaten) 

Ground black pepper 

Sea salt 

Olive oil


-Get your oven preheated to 400°F — that’s equivalent to 200°C. 

-Place mashed potatoes, cooked rice, grated cheddar cheese, green peas and beaten egg in a large mixing bowl. 

-Combine all of the ingredients very well. While mixing, add ground black pepper and sea salt. 

-Form all of them into balls. 

-In a large plate, place 1 cup of bread crumbs and roll potato rice balls on it with a little pressure. 

-Spray a little olive oil on a baking sheet and neatly arrange potato rice balls on it. 

-Bake in the oven for about 10 minutes. 

-Flip over the balls and bake for another 10 minutes. 

-Transfer the baking sheet onto a wire rack and allow the potato rice balls cool for a while. 

-Transfer to a large plate and serve.

Mashed potatoes and cooked rice — from leftovers to complete scene-stealers! The next time you make another batch of these delectable treats, feel free to experiment with a variety of herbs and spices (thyme, rosemary, paprika, cayenne pepper, etc.) to come up with truly unforgettable cheesy potato rice balls!

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