Superb Exercises for Springtime

Because the weather is not too cold and not too hot, spring provides the perfect environment for some outdoor exercises. In other words, this particular season makes it very encouraging for everyone to get rid of excess pounds accumulated during winter. Here are some of the best exercises that you may do outside your home now that spring is here:

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Riding a bicycle is an excellent exercise for the lower body, toning and strengthening the muscles in the area. It also helps you burn a lot of calories, especially if it’s done where the terrain is quite challenging. As a bonus, bicycling enables you to marvel at the beautiful scenery that no other season of the year can offer but spring.



Having no bicycle is not an excuse for you to skip exercising outdoors. Something as simple as walking is actually good enough for you to become fitter. According to experts, it is a good idea for you to alternate between a leisurely walk and a brisk pace in order to make the most out of the regimen.



If you find walking — leisurely or briskly — kind of boring, then simply opt for jogging which allows you to get rid of more calories in half the time. However, do take note that jogging can create a lot of impact on your joints, so make sure that you warm up beforehand. Also, put on running shoes that offer superb comfort and support.



Missed the great outdoors during wintertime? Now that’s spring is here, it’s time to rekindle your love for nature! Hiking is a form of exercise that rewards not only your body, but also your mind. Sling on a backpack that is moderately heavy so that you may burn plenty of calories and have those leg muscles of yours worked out.



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After several weeks of frigid weather, everyone is surely excited to be in the water. Swimming is a wonderful form of exercise — it improves your cardiovascular system, tones the muscles (including the core ones!) and burns excess calories, but without leaving your joints strained. So plunge in the public pool or hit the beach.



Speaking of hitting the beach, make sure that you stash that volleyball in your backpack. Other than doing some laps in the ocean, it’s also an excellent idea to play volleyball with your friends. Engaging in beach volleyball not only helps eliminate excess pounds accumulated during the Holidays, but also zaps the winter blues.



Another wonderful exercise that’s perfect while you’re at the beach is frisbee. This very fun and exciting game can get really intense, enabling you to burn lots of calories before they get stored as fat. And just like beach volleyball, frisbee is a wonderful way to get rid of depression that many tend to get during the coldest times of the year.


Paddle Boarding

Want to try something that is somewhat on the extreme side? Then go paddle boarding! Basically, it’s a cross between surfing and canoeing, so it enables you to enjoy the best of both worlds. Paddle boarding not only lets you burn calories and workout all major muscle groups, but also helps improve your balance and flexibility.



If you are on the hunt for an exercise that’s mild to moderate only and can help bring back those bright colors to your life, opt for gardening! When winter is through, it’s time to start digging, raking, pruning, transplanting and many others that can help get your blood circulating and your metabolism running.

Know of any other exercise that you think is perfect for springtime? Don’t feel too shy to share it in the comments section below!

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