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The Wonders of Basil Leaves

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A Diet Fit for Royal Blood

This ‘royal’ herb (‘king is the Greek for basil) has a throne of its own. It is crowned with natural compounds that made it stay in the cabinets of medical people for a long time. Besides its being a great culinary ingredient, it is also an efficient almost cure-all herb.

This kingly herb is humble enough to help in your day to day troubles:

Acne and Pimples

When toxins are removed, the blood is cleansed from impurities which in turn prevent the occurrence of pimples and acne. A paste from basil leaves act as good anti-inflammation agent. Its leaves are great anti-fungal and anti-bacterial agents.

Dried leaves of basil rubbed on your face give it a youthful vibe. Its paste improves the skin tone especially on the face and the neck.


A five-minute routine with the leaves on both sides the nose prevents blackheads to appear. Rinse afterwards.

Skin Infections and Ringworms

E-coli and B athracis are two of the culprits of skin infections. Basil leaves are medical must-haves. They help fight bacteria and fungi and serve as great antibiotics. Boiled basil leaves are a good cure to itching. Ground leaves on the other hand, are used for ring worm treatment.

A skin disease characterized by white patches called Vitiligo can be cured by a consistent intake of basil leaves.

Medical Marvel

A medical wonder, basil holds its leaves high among many herbs. It has the ability to keep the stomach strong. They help the bronchial tube get rid of unwanted matters such as the catarrhal matter and the nasty phlegm.

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Its leaves are used to treat ulcers. Because of its antiseptic properties, the leaves act as a treatment to cuts and wounds. They (the leaves) lessen the discomfort caused by chicken and small pox and measles.

Common Cold and Cough

A tea of basil leaves and even chewing fresh leaves bring relief to cold and flu. Cough syrups contain basil leaves. They are great at giving assistance to mucus in cases of asthma and even with bronchitis.


Diseases caused by mosquitoes pose a great threat to a person’s health. Malaria and dengue are threats to many lives including the children. The good news is basil leaves are loaded with phytonutrients. They also contain healing oil. Boiled tender leaves of the herb served as tea is given to patients. The leaves act as effective disinfectants. This allows the body to cope with bacterial and viral infections.

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