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Surprising Benefits of Jumping Rope

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Refrain from assuming that each and every piece of exercise equipment is expensive and bulky. Take for example a jump rope — it’s so easy on the pocket and you can take it everywhere you go! While you may opt for something that’s available at a toy store, the best jump rope for fitness purposes is the kind that is sold at a nearby sporting goods store. Usually out of plastic and a little heavier than a jumping rope intended for little girls, it allows for better control.

One of the nicest things about a jump rope is that you can carry it with you wherever you go. It can easily be stashed in your backpack, belt bag and even the back pocket of your pants — unless you’re wearing a pair of skinny jeans! In other words, owning a jump rope can keep you from having an excuse not to exercise.

Another great thing about using a jump rope is it actually gives you a great workout. No, jumping rope is not just for fun and entertainment that little girls get from it. Have you ever seen a boxer use a jump rope during training? The fact that the walking and breathing punch machine is sweating profusely and breathing rapidly at the end of a few seconds spent with a jump rope is a clear testament that jumping rope is in fact an intense and challenging workout!

Here are some of the reasons why you should get your hands on a jumping rope and use it:

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It Helps Strengthen Your Lower Extremities

Especially if you wish to get into sports that require a lot of running and jumping, it’s a good idea to use a jump rope on a regular basis. All the skipping you need to perform can strengthen the knees and ankles, as well as the cartilages in them and the muscles that support them. Having strong joints means reduced risk of injuring them.

It Wards Off Osteoporosis

All the impact the lower half of your body receives when you are jumping rope is actually a good thing. That’s because it’s something that helps increase bone mineral density. In other words, regularly jumping rope can help keep your bones strong and health, and thus reducing your chance of ending up with osteoporosis.

It Burns a Lot of Calories Quickly

Panting after just a few seconds of jumping rope? It’s a sign that it helps zap lots of calories in no time. In fact, a study found out that 10 minutes spent jumping rope lets you burn the same amount of calories that you would when you try to jog and cover an entire mile in just 8 minutes.

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It Strengthens Both Your Heart and Lungs

Just a few seconds after starting a jumping rope session, you will notice that your heart is already beating rapidly and your lungs working extra hard. Clearly, the use of a jumping rope is a great way to give both your circulatory and respiratory systems a good dose of exercise to make them really strong.

It Enhances Your Coordination

Because your hands and feet have to work together when you’re jumping rope, your coordination is enhanced. This is especially true when you try to learn jumping rope tricks and perform them on a regular basis. There are lots of everyday activities that require superb coordination, from driving a car, swimming to dancing to your jam!

It Also Makes You a Smarter Person

Experts say that jumping rope helps challenge both the left and right hemispheres of the brain, making them work with one another more efficiently. What’s more, the blood-circulation enhancing effects of using a jumping rope improve the supply of much-needed oxygen and nutrients to your brain.

It Gives Your Skin a Lovely and Healthy Glow

Since jumping rope boosts blood circulation, you can always look your best. Not only does an improved circulation nourishes and oxygenizes your skin cells more effectively, but also makes the elimination of toxins and waste products more efficiently. This results in a complexion that glows and is free of blemishes.

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