The Many Benefits of Milk You Didn’t Know About

Because of the impressive nutritive content of milk, it is a very important part of the diet. From infants, school-age children to adults, everyone can benefit from this wholesome white liquid. But did you know that milk has other surprising benefits than the ones you already know? Other than building your muscles and making your bones and teeth strong, its consumption also enables you to enjoy the following:

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Reduced Stress at the End of a Busy Day

A glass of warm milk is a great stress-buster because it helps relax tired muscles and nerves. Additionally, it allows you to get to dreamland right away because it supplies the body with the hormone melatonin and tryptophan, a type of amino acid. Both melatonin and tryptophan are major role players when sleep is the subject matter.

Suppressed Appetite

Most people who like to lose weight stay away from milk. The fact is drinking it in moderation can be beneficial for them as milk has an appetite-suppressing property. Taking a full glass may spare you from consuming more calories than necessary because it makes you feel full for a long period of time.

Healthier Heart and Reduced Blood Pressure

Milk contains potassium that helps promote better heart muscle contraction. The said mineral also causes the wall of the arteries to relax, thereby normalizing blood pressure. Individuals who are concerned with their weight or levels of bad cholesterol in their blood may simply opt for milk variants that are low-fat or non-fat.

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Soft and Shiny Hair

Both fatty acids and amino acids in milk help give you more beautiful hair. It’s for the same reason why many hair care products have milk in their list of ingredients. Milk is loaded with calcium. Other than making the bones and teeth strong, the said mineral is also necessary for hair growth as well as for the prevention of hair loss.

Alleviated Hyperacidity and Upset Stomach

Milk coats the stomach lining to prevent it from being irritated by gastric acids necessary for food digestion. What’s more, calcium present in milk is an excellent acid neutralizer, providing instant relief from hyperacidity. However, do take note that some people tend to end up with hyperacidity again after a while as milk may cause further gastric acid production.

Reduced Hangover

As earlier mentioned, milk saves the stomach lining from gastric acid irritation — a thing that is very likely to happen after the consumption of alcohol. When hangover is keeping you from getting the day started, have a glass of milk. Its consumption before drinking may also prove to be beneficial as it minimizes alcohol absorption.

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