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Surprising Causes of Split Ends

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You stopped dying your hair and using styling products with harsh ingredients. Also, you turned your back on excessive blow drying. So how come those split ends still keep on coming despite of those drastic changes in your hair caring and styling routines? Surprise, surprise — the ones you ditched are not the only ones that cause split ends. There are also lesser-known ones that could be behind your ongoing beauty nightmare.

Currently, you can come across all sorts of products claiming to make those unsightly split ends go away. However, the only way to get rid of your recurring problem is by having the tips of your mane trimmed. It’s going to make your hair just a little shorter, but it’s the only surefire way to keep each and every strand from being ruined further.

Or you can also keep more split ends from showing up. Hair dying, products with irritating chemicals and too much blow drying are not the only ones that can cause split ends to form, just like what’s mentioned earlier. There are also a few more habits that tend to slip the radar and leave you with more split ends. Check out the following lesser-known causes of split ends to save your mane and your pocket from those really costly professional treatments:


Crash Dieting

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Are you trying to lose weight by starving yourself to death? It’s not just your health that you are placing on the line, but your appearance as well. Your hair needs all sorts of vitamins and minerals to stay healthy and free of split ends. Steering clear of healthy foods deprives your tresses of some of the nutrients they need, such as manganese, zinc, copper, selenium and all sorts of B vitamins. If you want to lose weight in a healthy manner, eat the right kinds of foods and regularly exercise — something that is also very good for your hair!


Poor Eating Habits

You should also stay away from eating foods that are processed and packed with sugar and fat. It’s no secret that they have numerous ill effects on your health. These foods are also terrible for your mane, leaving them highly susceptible to a variety of problems including split ends. Stay away from fast food joints and step foot in your kitchen and come up with healthy meals. When grocery shopping, avoid aisles containing processed foods. Watch what you put in your mouth if you want to enjoy life that’s free of split ends.

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Cigarette Smoking

Other than making your tresses smell nasty, smoking can also leave you with split ends as well as other problems that concern your hair. Smoking floods your blood with toxins and it can impede proper blood circulation to your scalp — and elsewhere in your body for that matter. With reduced oxygen-rich supply of blood to your scalp, the production of protective oils goes down, leaving your hair strands dry and prone to splitting. Ditch cigarette smoking if you want your hair to be stunning and your overall health in an excellent condition.


Too Much Stress

You may have heard that stress is something that can make your hair fall. But have you heard that it can also leave you with split ends? In this day and age, it’s virtually impossible to dodge each and every stressor that comes your way. What you can do to protect your hair (as well as your health) is by ditching unnecessary stressors and managing stress caused by the ones you can’t dodge. A full body-massage, doing yoga, listening to music, writing in your journal — these and other stress-busters can help ward off split ends.

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Lots of Brushing

It’s true that brushing is good for distributing protective oils among your hair and keeping your tresses free of tangles. However, too much brushing is a complete no-no — this is especially true while your hair is still damp. Too much moisture leaves each strand fragile, and excessive brushing can easily cause damage that’s irreversible. Remember to take extra care when brushing your hair. At the first sign of resistance, add a little more care or use your fingers to get rid of those tangles. Stick to gentle strokes to keep split ends at bay.

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