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Surprising Health Benefits of Artichokes Hearts

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Not many people are fond of eating artichokes. If you are one of them, it’s high time that you have a change of heart. It’s not unlikely that you will find it hard to resist shopping for, cooking and eating artichokes most especially after reading about the many health benefits of these vegetables.

Artichokes are Packed with Antioxidants

Various processes in the body that require oxygen yield free radicals. These highly unstable molecules are notorious for damaging healthy cells and causing all sorts of problems along the way, from accelerated aging to cancer development.

In order to avoid or limit the damage done by free radicals, it’s important for you to consume foods that contain lots of antioxidants such as vitamin C. Artichokes, coincidentally, are loaded with antioxidants. In fact, artichokes easily beat other excellent sources of vitamin C such as organs and red bell peppers when it comes to antioxidant capabilities.

Dietary Fiber in Artichokes is Good for the Gut and Heart

Artichokes are loaded with dietary fiber that is good for both the digestive and circulatory systems. A type of fiber called inulin helps promote the multiplication of good bacteria in the colon. It’s also something that can get into the bloodstream to help in removing cholesterol clogging up the arteries, as well as to maintain proper blood glucose level.

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Artichoke Against Indigestion and Other Digestive Issues

According to the pros, artichoke leaf extract provides effective relief from the symptoms of indigestion and acid reflux. It is also said to be very good at dealing with stomachache, abdominal bloating, anorexia, nausea, constipation and diarrhea.

Cholesterol Levels Lowered by Artichoke Consumption

So many problems with the circulatory system are brought about by high cholesterol levels. Some of the most prominent ones and are taking a lot of lives include coronary heart disease and atherosclerosis — the deposition of plaques and cholesterol in the inner arterial wall.

Numerous studies conducted in the past have concluded that the consumption of artichoke and artichoke leaf extract helps in lowering the levels of LDL (low-density lipoprotein) or bad cholesterol. By incorporating artichoke in your diet and embracing a healthy lifestyle, it’s highly possible to lower or dodge high cholesterol and various problems associated with it.

Just a Few Important Things to Bear in Mind

It’s a good idea for people afflicted with gallbladder disease to first consult their doctors before consuming artichokes. That’s because these vegetables may cause the gallbladder to contract. Supplements containing artichoke leaf extract and other related ingredients are not recommended for pregnant women, nursing mothers, children and people suffering from kidney or liver disease.

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