Surprising Health Benefits of Dancing

Dancing is a fun leisure pursuit that allows you to stay fit and express your feelings. Regardless if you are into jazz, hip-hop, ballet or contemporary type of dancing, the benefits to enjoy remain the same. Continue reading to know what they are.

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Benefits to the Physical Health

1. Dancing is good for the heart – Because it is regarded as a cardiovascular form of exercise, you can dance your way to having a healthy heart. It is a great way to reduce your risk of hypertension, atherosclerosis and heart disease.

2. It promotes weight loss – Think of it as a really fun form of exercise. If you love the routine, it becomes easier to stick to having a regular workout regimen. Dancing lets you get in shape just like brisk walking, bicycling and swimming.

3. You can feel more energized – Leading a sedentary lifestyle can certainly make you feel tired and listless all day long. Combat lack of energy by putting on your dancing shoes and moving to the beat you love.

4. Dancing increases flexibility and strength – Because it works out large muscle groups throughout your body, it doesn’t come as a surprise why dancing on a regular basis can help improve your flexibility as well as muscle strength.

Benefits to the Emotional Health

1. It makes you feel happy – Nothing can make the day brighter than playing your favorite upbeat tune and moving your body to it. Each time the feeling of being down in the dumps surfaces, simply dance the blues away.

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2. You can boost your self-confidence with it – Knowing that you are good at something can certainly fill you with pride and confidence. Performing in front of a crowd is an effective way to combat shyness and lack of self-esteem.

3. Dancing is a great stress-buster – It’s no secret that doing something enjoyable is an excellent way to deal with stress. Just like any other pastimes out there, dancing can help you combat stress at the end of a frenzied day at work or home.

Benefits to the Mental Health

1. It wards off poor memory – Cardiovascular exercises keep the brain’s hippocampus, the center of memory, from losing volume as you age. Since dancing is a cardiovascular exercise, it can prevent memory loss.

2. Dancing helps fight Alzheimer’s – Experts say that dancing may help you fight off Alzheimer’s and dementia. One study had shown that elderly participants with Alzheimer’s were able to recall memories better while dancing to music they know.

3. You can increase your intelligence with it – What makes dancing helpful in boosting the intelligence is it requires you to make quick decisions. Constantly learning new dance types or steps lets you enhance your brain power.

To enjoy all of these benefits, dance! It doesn’t even matter what sort of dance types you like, or whether you are alone in your room or in front of an audience.

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