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Surprising Health Benefits Of Papaya

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Papaya is a tropical fruit that is packed with flavor as well as health-giving nutrients. It may be eaten sliced or turned into a refreshing smoothie. Either way, there are numerous things that papaya offers you — inside and out!

1. This exotic fruit helps lower bad cholesterol levels in two ways. First, it contains fiber that sweeps out cholesterol along the arterial walls. Second, papaya’s enzymes ward off oxidation of fat cells, keeping them from clogging up your arteries.

2. Papain, an enzyme the fruit has plenty of, helps improve digestion. Papaya also contains insoluble fiber that promotes regular bowel movement.

3. In juice form, papaya is good for individuals suffering from infections involving the colon as it flushes out pus and mucus.

4. Papaya has enzymes with anti-inflammatory properties, making the fruit beneficial to sufferers of joint aches and pains brought about by arthritis. Thanks to those enzymes, you are less likely to suffer from the likes of osteoporosis and cancer.

5. Packed with health-giving nutrients, contains few calories and gives a satisfying filling, papaya is good for individuals who like to maintain their current weight or lose a few excess pounds.

6. Because it has plenty of vitamins A and C, papaya is a tasty fruit that can boost the immune system. Regularly consuming it is recommendable if you constantly suffer from infections and health problems such as cough, colds and flu.

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7. A great way to cure nausea and morning sickness among women is by eating papaya right after waking up.

8. Consuming papaya should be done by those who are suffering from wounds and infections that fail to heal quickly.

9. Raw papaya is known to help promote regular menstruation. Its consumption is also highly recommendable for women who suffer from unfavorable symptoms during their monthlies, such as menstrual cramps, joint pain and upset stomach.

10. Nothing goes to waste because the seeds too have benefits to offer. For so many years now, traditional healers use the seeds of the fruits to treat intestinal worms.

11. Antioxidants in papaya help you attain a younger appeal and a more beautiful glow. That’s because antioxidants stop those excess free radicals from damaging your cells, something that speeds up the aging process.

12. Other than eating papaya, you may take advantage of the benefits it has on the skin by applying the fruit topically. The mashed fleshy part may be used as a facial mask by those who suffer from pimples or acne. What’s more, the enzyme papain it contains helps exfoliate dead cells, revealing a skin layer that is fresher and smoother.

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