Surprising Home Uses of Hydrogen Peroxide

What exactly is hydrogen peroxide and how did it came to be such a helpful solution to various home dilemmas? If you have hydrogen peroxide in your home, chances are that it’s sitting in your medicine cabinet, ready to be used the next time you got yourself into a minor accident which results to scrapes and cuts. But the thing is, hydrogen peroxide has got a lot more great uses apart from being a handy inclusion on your first aid kit.

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Hydrogen peroxide (Chemical symbol: H2O2 ) is one of the most well known disinfectant in the planet. It is common, can be easily procured, not to mention relatively inexpensive. In fact, odds are high that you have a bottle of it lying somewhere around either in your kitchen sink or in your bathroom medicine cabinet. People often use this solution as a disinfectant to minor wounds and abrasions as well as a whitening agent for delicate pieces of clothing and other items. Again, there are far more uses of hydrogen peroxide than you realize. Curious? Read on to find out what those are.

1. Hair Bleaching.
Hydrogen peroxide is considered gentler than some other regular household bleach, making it great of hair color lightening.

2. It can add instant high-lights to your hair.
Get the classic “sun-bleached” look by spraying hydrogen peroxide to your hair while it is still damp. Just leave it on for 10-15 minutes and rinse, then Voila!—instant hair highlights.

3. It can help whiten your teeth.
Hydrogen peroxide when combined with another bleaching agent which is baking soda, can make for a powerful homemade teeth whitening solution. It can remove stains off your teeth when used regularly.

4. It can be used as a mouthwash.
This solution can be used as an alternative to regular mouthwash. Its disinfectant properties can effectively kill germs and other bacteria that can cause bad breath.

5. It can whiten your nails.
Frequently using nail polish can cause your nails to become yellowish in color. Solve that problem by soaking your nails in a solution of hydrogen peroxide to whiten your nails.

6. It can help reduce acne.
When used as a facial wash, hydrogen peroxide can help fight off bacteria that causes acne and other skin breakouts. It also helps clear up your complexion.

7. It can help cure or heal boils.
To prepare a soaking solution for boils, pour about 8 ounces of hydrogen peroxide to warm bath water.

8. It can soften calluses and corns.
Again, for an effective foot soak solution to soften corns and calluses, combine equal parts of H2O2 and warm water.

9. It can help remove ear wax.
Just pour a couple of drops of hydrogen peroxide into your ears then wait for about two minutes. Once done, follow it up with a few drops of olive oil. Wait for a minute more then start draining the fluids from your ear, earwax included.

10. It is used to kill sub-dermal parasites.
Mites and other parasites can pose a big problem. To effectively remove them, apply hydrogen peroxide to the skin areas affected by said parasites.

11. It can treat fungal infections of the foot.
Mix equal parts of water and hydrogen peroxide then place it on a dark-colored spray bottle (exposure to light weakens the potency of hydrogen peroxide) and spray to affected skin every night to counter fungal growth.

12. It can clean dirty tile surfaces.

13. It can be a great toilet bowl cleaner.

14. It can be used as a douching agent.
Add hydrogen peroxide (about 2 capfuls, 3% solution) into warm distilled water once or twice a week as a douching agent to help remove chronic yeast infections.

15. It can be an effective nasal decongestant.
Add 1 tablespoon of H2O2 to a cup of non-chlorinated water and use as nasal spray to eliminate any sinus infections.

16. Hydrogen peroxide is great for wound care and dressings.

17. It can be used as a laundry stain remover.

18. It can be used as a vegetable soak to remove any harmful bacteria.

19. It can be used to sanitize or rinse your meat prior to cooking.

20. It can be used in controlling mold and mildew.

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