Symptoms of Coffee Withdrawal

Coffee is a potent drink that we often rely on when we need a quick pick-me up during the day. It acts as a stimulant that can boost our central nervous system, so that we end up feeling wide awake and energized. However, too much caffeinated drink may have some side effects too such as jitters, sleepless nights, and even an acidic stomach. Those who are trying to cut back on their caffeine intake or are in the process of eliminating it from your diet may experience withdrawal symptoms such as:

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One of the most common symptoms of caffeine withdrawal is having a headache. This is because when we drink coffee, the blood vessels to our brain become constricted, thus slowing down the flow of blood. However, since you are no longer having your caffeine fix, there is a rush of blood to your brain that triggers those headaches.

Difficulty in concentrating

Another symptom that you should watch out for when you are reducing your coffee intake is that you will have a hard time concentrating. Keep in mind that coffee acts as a stimulant that enhances your brain activity. Without it, our mental faculties tend to function slower which can affect our performance.


Drinking coffee helps boost our energy levels because of the stimulating properties that it contains. However, once you eliminate it from your diet, you are sure to experience fatigue and drowsiness even. Weaning off from your coffee consumption may lead to your sleepiness in the day.


Another symptom of coffee withdrawal that you will most likely experience is irritability. You probably know someone who seems out of sorts before they drink coffee. This is because caffeine has the ability to improve one’s mood, but its effects can only last up to six hours at least. Once the effects of coffee has disappeared, your mood can take a turn too. Just imagine how you will be feeling when you remove coffee altogether.


This may not happen to everybody, but there are some individuals who experience tremors in their body when they remove coffee from their system. These tremors usually appear in the hands which are visibly noticeable when you are holding something. This happens often to those who drink large amounts of coffee in a day then suddenly go cold turkey. If you want to avoid this symptom, it would be a good idea to cut back slowly on your caffeine consumption.

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