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Effectively Treat Acne with This Very Common Herb

It's not all the time that the best solution for acne is found at the local pharmacy or a dermatological clinic. If you have...

Why Hydration Makes You Beautiful?

Ever since a child, we are always reminded to drink eight glasses of water daily. Eight glasses? You may think that this magic number...

Study Bares Excessive Intake Of Vitamin B12 Causes Acne

Too much of something is bad. It is also the same case for vitamin B12. A study shows that too much vitamin B12 can lead...

Reverse Common Asian Skin Problems

Asians are known for having spotless, ageless skin. However, many did not realize that Asians possess larger pores than other racial counterparts. Thus, Asian...

Ways to Deal with Annoying Teen Beauty Problems

Teens undergo a lot of physical changes. It's exactly for such reason why there are certain problems shared by majority of teenagers. Going through...

Common Skin Issues Brought About by Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a wonderful thing. But it also tends to bring not-so-wonderful skin changes. If you're on the family way, the following are some...

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