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Benefits of Fruits

The Many Wonders Miracle Fruit Brings

The name of this fruit is enough to make it turn lots of heads towards its direction. However, it's no hype! The miracle fruit...

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Habits That Can Cause Diarrhea

We all know that the consumption of contaminated food and water as well as having certain diseases of the digestive system can leave you...

Habits of People Who Enjoy a Good Night’s Sleep

Failure to enjoy 7 to 9 hours of restorative sleep per night can have acute and chronic consequences — immediately you will experience excessive daytime sleepiness,...

Foods to Eat to Increase Bone Cartilage

At every bone joint in your body, there's cartilage — a tough yet flexible tissue that helps minimize friction each time bones slide over...

Embarrassing Pregnancy Symptoms

The pregnancy glow, expanding of the belly, the swollen ankles and the throwing up. These are a few things we know would happen to...

Health Benefits of Chia Seeds and Sample Recipe

Chia seed, also called chia, is the seed of the flowering plant from the mint family Lamiaceae. With the scientific name Salvia hispanica, the...
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