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15 Thoughts That Can Cause Diseases

Having a disease is often attributed to poor diet, unhealthy lifestyle, stress, exposure to toxins or infectious agents and even the genes. Did you...

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Coffee as an Aid to Fend Off Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease

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Reasons to Eat Mammee Apples

Mammee apples come from mammee trees, which are native to tropical regions of the planet. Also sometimes referred to as tropical apricots, St. Domingo...

Are Home Remedies for Cold and Flu Effective?

At the first sign of sniffles, we often reach out for over-the-counter medications to stop your sniffling right then and there. Some prefer to...

Natural Solutions to Hypochondria

Hypochondria, put simply, is a mental condition in which an individual excessively worries about his or her health. Just about any normal bodily process...

Simple Tips on Losing Weight When You Have Thyroid Problem

There are numerous unfavorable things that stem from having hypothyroidism, a condition wherein the thyroid gland is underactive. One of them is weight gain...
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