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Home Remedies for Scabs

Home Remedies for Scabs

A scab may not look nice, but it is definitely giving you a nice favor — it actually protects an injury to the skin from...

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Get to Know Trachoma, the Number 1 Infectious Cause of Blindness That’s Preventable

According to the World Health Organization or WHO, the foremost preventable cause of blindness on the face of the planet is trachoma. The said...

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Health Benefits of Limequats

Put simply, limequats are the products of the crossbreeding of key limes and kumquats. They first came into being in Florida, and that's why...

Attention Smokers And Ex-Smokers: These 6 Foods Flush Out Nicotine From Your Bodies

Smoking is one of the world’s most major health problems. In the U.S., roughly 500,000 people die every year due to smoking. The causes...

Your Secret Weight-Loss Ingredient: Vinegar

Vinegar has been touted by some as having fat-burning abilities. There have been several studies that have found that consumption of apple cider vinegar...
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