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Natural Remedies for Lymphoma

The lymphatic system has a variety of roles, and one of them is to defend the body against invading microorganism. Composed of the lymph...

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Symptoms of Salmonella Poisoning, How to Prevent Salmonella

Salmonella is a type of Gram negative bacteria. It may also refer to the salmonella disease (salmonellosis), a bacterial disease of the intestinal tract....

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Applying moisturizer regularly not cutting it? Maybe it's time that you consider hydrating your skin from within. Aside from drinking plenty of water daily — experts...

Treat Vaginal Dryness Naturally

Vaginal dryness can happen after you hit your menopausal stage, but only a handful of women actually seek help for it. This condition can be painful...

Tamari: Get to Know the Perks of Using This Japanese Seasoning

In Japan, there is a particular seasoning that is considered as much healthier and tastier than soy sauce, and it's called tamari. The process...

10 Herbs and Spices You Should Use

Most people assume that herbs and spices are used simply to make their dishes look and taste great. Although they are right in a...
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