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Do You Like Cracking Your Neck? Here’s What Really Happens Each Time!

Cracking your neck feels good. But did you know it's actually bad for you? The fact is this act loved by many can cause...

Types of Exercises That Help Regain Voluntary Movement After a Stroke

One of the complications of stroke is paralysis — the inability of moving the muscles. Experts say that up to 9 out of 10...

Top Threats to a Woman’s Health

When it comes to health risks, it's quite evident that men and women are not the same. As a woman, it is very important...

Learn the Key Differences Among Cardiac Arrest, Heart Attack and Stroke

Because they are serious matters and anyone may suffer from them, it's of utmost importance for you to be familiar with the primary differences...

Fast Facts on Stroke and Various Ways to Keep It at Bay

A stroke is a medical emergency wherein there's a severe reduction or interruption of blood supply to a portion of the brain. Because brain...

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