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Treat DOMS

6 Tips to Treat DOMS

That feeling when every inch of your body screams in pain after an intense workout the day before means that you are suffering from...

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How Consuming Alcohol Affects You Post-Workout

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Fight Candida with the Right Foods

There are plenty of bacteria that thrives in our gut, add yeast and fungus into the mix, and you'll be probably surprised that your...

Health Benefits of Blue Potatoes

No, blue potatoes are not spuds from outer space. Actually, they are native to South America, in particular Peru — the reason why they're...

Argan Oil Benefits for Skin, Hair and Body

Argan oil came from the Argan tree. This oil is extracted by pressing the nut of the fruit of the tree. The Argan oil...

The Best 7 Anti Anxiety Foods

Trying to overcome anxiety without the help of medication will be difficult. It will require a complete lifestyle change. Eating the right foods will...
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