Take These Teas to Slow Down Time’s Effect on Your Skin

You can undergo all sorts of cosmetic procedures that cost a fortune and are associated with risks in order to look younger. Or you may simply enjoy a cup of tea every now and then to stave off the development of fine lines, wrinkles and other issues that are related to aging.

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The fact is there are several different teas out there that are known to help combat skin problems brought about by the passing of time. Some of them work by neutralizing free radicals that damage cells and accelerate the process of skin aging. Others supply your body with vitamins and minerals that promote the production of collagen, a type of protein necessary for keeping your skin soft and elastic, thus preventing, reducing and even reversing the signs of skin aging.

Here are some of the teas you should consume more if you want to enjoy skin that looks young, healthy and radiant:

Green Tea

Everyone knows that green tea is good for you because every cup of it is bursting with antioxidants. Did you know that studies say that green tea may protect your skin from being damaged by the sun’s UV rays? Drinking this healthy beverage should be paired with the application of sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15 if you want to keep sun-damaged skin at bay.

Yerba Mate Tea

Just like green tea, yerba mate tea is also packed with antioxidants that help keep your skin healthy and young. Consuming it repairs skin cells damaged by free radicals, as well as protect healthy ones from those harmful molecules. As a bonus, a cup of yerba mate tea may also help you lose weight by curbing the appetite!

Chamomile Tea

Are you prone to pimples and acne? Consider welcoming chamomile tea into your life! This herbal drink has amazing anti-inflammatory properties that help deal with the said skin problems. What’s more, chamomile tea helps reduce stress and combat insomnia, both of which ruin not only your skin but your overall health as well.

Red Tea

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More popularly known as rooibos tea, this antioxidant-rich beverage is made from a South African red bush. Experts say that red tea contains flavonoids (plant pigments with superb antioxidant properties) that help shield skin cells from free radicals and keep at bay inflammation, something which contributes to skin aging and acne and rosacea development.

Horsetail Tea

For centuries now, traditional healers give horsetail tea to individuals battling respiratory tract infections. It’s a beverage you should also take if you wish to ward off fine lines and wrinkles. That’s because horsetail tea is known to supply your body with silicon, a mineral that helps keep your skin (and blood vessels and joints too!) stay in tip-top shape.

Milk Thistle Tea

The herb from which this beverage is made from is known as a liver tonic. If your problem is mainly cosmetic, drinking milk thistle tea is a fantastic idea. Having your liver detoxified is good for your skin. By helping your organ of detoxification perform its job, this herbal tea can help make your complexion look clear and radiant!

Peppermint Tea

Also known as mint tea, this drink is known to help resolve an assortment of problems concerning the digestive system. Peppermint tea also contains lots of antioxidants that help protect not only your skin from the effects of aging, but also your circulatory system. BTW, this beverage helps control your appetite too, helping you slim down.

Bilberry Tea

Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, bilberry tea is very good at keeping your skin looking young and beautiful. Aside from its ability to heal acne and ward off various aging signs, this healthy beverage is also good for your overall health. Bilberry tea is known to lower cholesterol, reduce blood pressure, and maintain healthy eyes and sharp vision.

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