Take This Concoction to Lower Your Risk of Glaucoma and to Improve Your Vision

Glaucoma is defined as the gradual loss of vision because of increased pressure inside the eye, which is known in the medical world as intraocular pressure or IOP. Preventing an increase in your IOP can help in shielding the optic nerve of your eye from damage, and such can be done by something as simple as taking a homemade concoction.

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Before we tackle this concoction that can help in preventing the pressure inside your eyeballs from increasing, let us first focus out attention on glaucoma and why you don’t want to end up with this eye disease.

You may already have glaucoma and not know it. That’s because the said problem concerning the eyes does not produce any sign and symptoms during its onset — it yields no pain as well as blurring of vision or anything that can make you suspect that there is something wrong with your eyes. By the way, glaucoma can affect one eye only or both.

Without proper treatment, you will lose your peripheral vision. In other words, you will fail to see anything that’s located to your side. Some people with peripheral loss of vision due to glaucoma say that it’s just like peeking through a tunnel. Eventually, glaucoma will also cause problems with your central vision until none of your vision remains.

Is there cure for glaucoma? To date, there is no known cure for glaucoma. Similarly, eye specialists cannot restore vision loss resulting from untreated glaucoma.

That is why early detection and proper treatment of glaucoma is the key to the prevention of loss of both peripheral and central vision. So how is glaucoma detected? Through a wide-ranging eye examination that includes a variety of tests, such as visual acuity test, visual field test, dilated eye exam and tonometry, which is the measurement of your IOP with the utilization of an instrument called tonometer.

For early treatment of glaucoma, eye drops that help reduce IOP may be prescribed by an eye specialist. It is possible for an eye doctor to also recommend pills that work in the same manner as the said eye drops. In severe cases, the use of laser or undergoing surgery may be warranted to help reduce a person’s IOP by draining excess fluid in the eye.

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It’s important to note that just because you have increased pressure in your eyes doesn’t necessarily mean that you will develop glaucoma. A person may have a high IOP but he or she may not end up having glaucoma. Also, it is possible for an individual to have glaucoma even without any prior increase pressure inside the eyes.

Now that you are more acquainted with glaucoma and how important it is to keep it at bay to preserve both your peripheral and central vision, let us now put our attention on this article’s main focus: a concoction that can help lower your chances of ending up with glaucoma.

This concoction can help save you from battling glaucoma by regulating your IOP. What’s more, it’s also something that can help keep your eyes healthy and your vision sharp, thanks to its loads of antioxidants. Experts say that antioxidants are very good at protecting your retina (a layer of cells that are sensitive to light, located at the back of each of your eyeballs) from being damaged. Thanks to antioxidants, keeping your vision in tip-top condition is possible.

Without further ado, here’s how to whip up that concoction known to help regulate pressure inside the eyes as well as keep your eyesight in a great shape:


  • 3 to 4 lemons
  • 100 grams of aloe vera juice
  • 300 grams of organic honey
  • 500 grams of ground walnuts



  1. Combine all of the ingredients using a blender.
  1. Transfer to a clean jar with cover and keep in the refrigerator.


You’re done! Take a tablespoon of this concoction thrice a day, preferably before meals.

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