Telltale Signs That You Need More Vitamin D

Experts say that 80 to 90 percent of your body’s vitamin D supple comes from the sun. Unfortunately, people these days are aware of the beauty and health scares of getting too much sunlight. Staying indoors and the use of sun blocks can considerably reduce the amount of vitamin D you are getting free of charge from the sun.

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Fret not because this does not mean that you can no longer take advantage of cost-free vitamin D from the sun. That’s because you may step foot outside your home before 10 am and after 4 pm — times of the day when it is easier to dodge premature skin aging signs and skin cancer.

Additionally, you may get your vitamin D from food sources. Mushrooms, tofu, pork, eggs, dairy products, caviar and oily fish such as tuna, mackerel, salmon and trout all contain good amounts of the said nutrient. You may also obtain it from breakfast cereals and many other food products that are fortified with vitamin D.

Not getting enough sun and your diet is admittedly unhealthy? You may be at risk of vitamin D deficiency. There are a few signs and symptoms telling you that you’re not getting enough vitamin D. A blood test may reveal if you are deficient in it. If such is the case, your doctor may recommend supplementing to increase your daily intake of this nutrient.

The following are some of the things that may indicate that you are not getting enough vitamin D:

Bone Fractures

Don’t assume that calcium is the only thing you need in order to keep the bones strong. You also need a few other nutrients, and one of them is vitamin D. Being deficient in vitamin D can put you at risk of osteoporosis, a condition wherein the bones become thin and brittle. It’s something that can increase your chances of having fractures.

Bone Pain

Aside from fractures, having insufficient amounts of vitamin D in the body may leave you with achy joints. This is caused by the rubbing of bone against bone, something which is not normal. Also, your joints may end up stiff and painful most especially in the morning or after having a really long rest.

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Excessive Sweating

You’re not exercising and the room temperature is not sweltering but you are sweating profusely. It may be because you are lacking in vitamin D. In fact, newborns with sweaty foreheads may be deficient in vitamin D. This is especially true if their mothers were lacking in the said nutrient while they were carrying them in their wombs.

Feeling Sad

It’s perfectly normal to feel gloomy from time to time. However, it’s no longer fine if it is a constant thing — you may be suffering from depression. There are many things that can cause depression, and one of them is lack of vitamin D. This is the reason why some people feel downcast especially during winter when access to the sun is very limited.

Constant Weakness

Do you often find yourself lacking in energy despite of the fact that you haven’t expended it on mental and physical activities? It may be because your body doesn’t have enough vitamin D, a nutrient important for the muscles. Since fatigue can be due to many different underlying medical conditions, get checked by a doctor.

Being Overweight

Check that you are getting enough vitamin D if you are gaining weight like crazy. Experts say that a diet lacking in the said nutrient can cause your body to store fat like crazy. Aside from exercising on a regular basis and having well-balanced meals, remember to get enough sun to provide your body with vitamin D and keep weight gain at bay.

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