Thai Home Remedies for Nasal Congestion

The common cold, flu, allergies, sinusitis, exposure to environmental pollutants or contaminants — all of these can leave you with a bad case of nasal congestion. Suffering from it can keep you from having a productive day because it can make it hard for you to breathe, and sometimes it can leave you having about of headache or dizziness, too.

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While there are plenty of medications available for nasal congestion (they’re called decongestants, by the way) that you can purchase at the nearest drugstore without the written prescription of your doctor, the intake of those is being frowned upon by many. That’s because they are known to cause a bunch of unfavorable side effects. Some of them include sneezing, dryness of the nasal passages and dizziness. Some people who take decongestants may also experience anxiety, hand tremors, heart palpitations and high blood pressure.

It’s exactly because of the various unwanted side effects and health risks of taking decongestants why many turn to some all-natural remedies for nasal congestion.

Keep on reading if you are prone to having nasal congestion. Below you will come across some excellent home remedies for it coming straight from Thailand. Don’t forget to repost this article afterwards so that your family members and friends may also get to try these effective Thai solutions for nasal congestion.

Apply Tiger Balm

In so many Asian countries such as Thailand, there is a very popular topically applied pain reliever called Tiger Balm. It is from China, and the said product is also commonly used for alleviating the common symptoms of the cold, flu, sinusitis and other issues concerning the upper respiratory tract.

Tiger Balm may be used as a chest rub to help open up the nasal passages, thus allowing you to be able to breathe with much comfort. It is best used at bedtime to help promote a much-needed good night’s sleep.

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Take a Whiff of Lavender Essential Oil

A lot of Thais swear by the effectiveness of lavender essential oil for dealing with nasal congestion. This volatile oil with a very pleasing scent has antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, and that’s why it can really help in putting nasal congestion at bay in no time.

You may dilute lavender essential oil with almond oil, coconut oil or olive oil and then massage it on your chest. At night, you may place a few drops of it on your pillow so that the nasal passages may remain open as you sleep.

Have a Steam Bath

Something as simple as allowing hot water to run in the shower is enough for you to attain relief from a nasal congestion. In Thailand, the likes of kaffir lime, basil, lemongrass and ginger are used to make the steam more effective at putting an end to the issue. You may also soak in a tub filled with warm bathwater with any of these added to the water.

A simple version of this would be placing hot water in a small basin, and then bending over to put your face about half a foot away from the basin. Inhale the steam to unclog your nasal passages.

Give any one of these popular Thai home remedies for nasal congestion a try and share in the comments section below your experience with it!

WARNING: If it seems like your nasal congestion refuses to go away after a few days or is showing signs that it is worsening despite of trying the above-mentioned Thai home remedies for it, make sure that you pay your doctor a visit right away. There are times in which nasal congestion is due to the likes of chronic sinusitis, presence of non-cancerous growths called nasal polyps, and a deviated septum.

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