The 6 Worst Natural Ingredients

High Fructose Corn Syrup

Despite its popular use, High Fructose Corn Syrup has little health benefits to offer. The calories it contain promote obesity and has been linked with cases of heart diseases. The process by which it is manufactured has a great tendency to be contaminated with mercury. Mercury is a threat to the brain’s health. FDA labeled HFCS’s tag as ‘all-natural- as deceptive due to its high dependence on the industrialized process to produce it.

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Fruit Juice Concentrate

People assume that fruit juice concentrate is healthier than sugar. This is not true, however. Most common among sweeteners used for food production are white grape fruit juice, apple juice, and pear juice. These juices offer empty calories. They are used for their high fructose levels. Fructose targets the heart and is a common culprit behind heart problems. It decreases memory capacities.

Evaporated Cane Juice

Evaporated cane juice is nothing short of just being refined sugar. It cannot be called juice according to some experts, since it is the dried crystals left when the boiling of raw sugar cane is done. FDA made changes that make it labeled as sugar or dried cane syrup.

Maple syrup, raw honey, and molasses are good sources of sweeteners with real nutritional value.

Palm Oil

Trans fats found in hydrogenated oils, such as palm oil, are found to be bad for the heart. It is a factor that contributes to the increase in the levels of LDL cholesterol. Palm Oil is commonly used in crackers, other baked goods, and cookies.

Go for safflower instead. It is healthier and free from problems linked to genetically modified vegetable oils like soy, canola, and corn.

Caramel Coloring

Caramelized sugar turns brown when heated. It is what is commonly used in caramel candies and caramel coloring in sodas. Ammonium compounds are synthesized when sugar is heated. This process produces 4-MI, a cancer causing product. Despite Coke’s move to reduce the levels of 4-MI, most sodas sold across the country have been found with 4-MI in dangerous levels.


Despite its name being unrecognizable, carrageenan is seaweed utilized in dozens of natural and organic products. What is commonly underestimated is carrageenan’s tendency to cause inflammation. This promotes the occurrence of chronic diseases like the inflammation in the bowels, arteriosclerosis, and rheumatoid arthritis. This is commonly found in dairy products. Make sure that you consume those that are carrageenan-free.

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