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The ABC’s To Well-Groomed Brows

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Shaping your eyebrows seems to be a simple thing yet hard to achieve. Perfecting its shape can bring big changes to your overall appearance. Well-shaped and well-groomed eyebrows improve your look than most other beauty treatments do. Thick or thin, your eyebrows need the utmost care they deserve by taking time to properly shape them.

How important it is to achieve well-shaped and well-groomed eyebrows? We list down the importance of creating a perfectly shaped and well-groomed eyebrows.

They make you look younger. Makeup experts agree that perfectly shaped eyebrows makes you look more youthful.  Gently arched eyebrows lift visually and open up the eye area. This allows more room for eye shadow as well as brings a younger looking face. Remember not to extremely arch your brows for it will have opposite effect on you. Likewise, avoid 45 degree angles, as they make the face look older.

They balance your facial features. Shaped eyebrows brings balance and proportion to the entire face. Facial features can be softened or accentuated by simply shaping your eyebrows. As a general rule, larger features look better with a slightly, fuller eyebrows, whereas smaller facial features are balanced by thinner eyebrows.

They frame your eyes. A well-shaped and well-defined eyebrows frames the eyes as they draw attention to them.

They refine your appearance. Women with nicely shaped eyebrows look attractive even without makeup.

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They create change in one’s personality. Wanting to create a different image or make a statement? Changing the shape of your eyebrows can change a person’s impression of you. With the shape of your eyebrows, someone may see you as a simple lady, a serious career woman or a sophisticated diva.

How do you attain a well-shaped brows? Creating beautiful brows is now as easy as ABC.

Arch the right way. It is a common mistake that most of us pluck the arch of the brows into wrong place. This works against us. The proper way to do it is by grabbing a pencil and holding it parallel to the outer edge of your iris. The point where the pencil hits your brow is where your arch should be.

Bring it to the endpoint. Your brows should end at the same place where your brow bone does. If they become shorter, they look oddly rectangular. If the brows are too long, you face the risk of looking droopy eyed.

Choose appropriate color of brow pencil. A lot of women use inappropriate shade of eyebrow pencil. They mostly use darker shade of eyebrow pencil. The rule of the thumb for choosing the proper shade for your brows, is to go with a color that is a shade or two lighter than your hair color. Go with the current hair color that you have not the one you were born with.

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Shaping your eyebrows for the first time? Then, you should seek help from a professional. Describe what you want or bring in photos as guide. However, remember that she will have to work with the eyebrows that you have. Maintaining it becomes easy by tweezing them after they have been professionally shaped. If you are not used to tweezing or plucking, you can opt for waxing or threading.

Waxing is a procedure that is less time-consuming for it removes more than one hair at a time. The process: Warm wax is applied to the eyebrows with a stick. A soft cloth is pressed over hairs to be removed and then peeled off in the opposite direction of hair growth.  Excess hair may be taken out by threading. On the other hand, threading uses a twisted double strand of thread to remove the hair follicles, giving eyebrows a precise arc and shape. It also gives softer hair strands. Compared to other brow treatment, threading results in softer hair regrowth.

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Whether you prefer waxing or threading, let a professional makeup artist or salon professional do the work for you. It has a price to pay but it pays to have shaped eyebrows as it enhances your facial features and improves your overall appearance.

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