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The Best Home Remedies for Psoriasis

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Psoriasis is a common skin condition that is not contagious and tends to stay for a lifetime once you had it. Experts say that the culprit behind such itchy problem is genetics and the immune system. To date, there is no known cure for psoriasis. However, there are many things that may be done to help deal with the symptoms, speed up the healing of the scales or plaques, and to keep flare ups at bay.

Continue reading if you are on the hunt for some of the most effective psoriasis home remedies on the planet. Many of the things you need to help you manage flare ups may already be found in your kitchen and garden.

Aloe Vera Gel

Break a leaf of aloe vera and apply the gel directly on the affected areas. This gel is packed with vitamin E that helps soothe and heal the skin. Apply it on the lesions thrice a day to see dramatic results in no time.

Banana Peel

One of the cheapest home remedies available for psoriasis is banana peel. After enjoying a banana, simply cut up the peel into small squares and gently rub their inner sides on the scales or plaques. Doing this helps provide relief from itchiness as well as hasten the healing of the affected areas of the body.

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Apple Cider Vinegar

Mix equal parts of apple cider vinegar and lukewarm water to come up with an effective anti-itch solution. Apply on the lesions using a cotton ball. You may choose to leave the solution there to dry or you may also rinse after a few minutes.

Chamomile Essential Oil

There are a handful of essential oils that are said to work very well against the symptoms of psoriasis. Many people with the skin condition swear by the efficacy most especially of chamomile essential oil. This sweet-smelling oil contains certain compounds that help put a stop to inflammation, making it very good for psoriasis during a flare up.

Cayenne Pepper

The consumption of foods with cayenne pepper can help combat inflammation from within. It’s also a good idea to add a few drops of olive oil to powdered cayenne pepper to come up with a paste that provides relief from itchiness as well as soothes those inflamed lesions. However, try not to apply this paste on broken skin.

Olive Oil

Massaging olive oil on the scales or plaques helps relieve itchiness as it’s an effective moisturizer. Thanks to the loads of antioxidants in this healthy oil, the healing of the affected skin areas can be accelerated. Certainly, olive oil is a better skin moisturizer than most hand and body lotions that contain perfumes and other chemicals that can aggravate psoriasis.

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Coconut Oil

If you find olive oil a too expensive home remedy for the skin condition, you may opt for coconut oil instead. This fantastic-smelling oil is best applied after being warmed in the microwave for just a few seconds.

Fish Oil

Regular intake of fish oil supplements is highly recommended if you are suffering from psoriasis. Doing this helps keep a flare up at bay, and it promotes immediate relief from the symptoms. You may also prick a fish oil capsule and smear the sticky liquid within on the lesions to put a stop to the itching and inflammation.

Baking Soda

To attain instant relief from itchiness, combine a teaspoon of baking soda and 4 teaspoons of water. Apply the mixture on problem areas with a cotton ball. Allow it to dry there to enjoy some itch-free moments. You may also fill a tub with lukewarm water and dissolve a handful of baking soda in it. Soak in there for several minutes.


Another effective home remedy for the symptoms of psoriasis is an oatmeal bath. In a tub filled with lukewarm water, simply dissolve a cup of raw oatmeal. It will help a lot if you first turn oatmeal into powder with the help of your blender or food processor. Soak in the oatmeal bath to attain relief especially if there are many lesions all over your body.

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Epsom Salt

Immersing your body in a tub filled with lukewarm water with a cup of Epsom salt dissolved in it is one more type of bath that is effective against psoriasis. Epsom salt contains minerals that help provide relief from itchiness as well as swelling of the affected areas of your skin during a flare up.

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