The Common Cold’s Most Uncommon Home Remedies

Drink lots of water, breathe in some steam, have a bowl of chicken soup — why does it seem like the various home remedies for the common cold seem so, well, common?

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Just because you have a cold doesn’t mean you can’t get creative! If you’re someone who always likes to stand out from the rest or think outside the box and right now you are nursing that upper respiratory tract infection, then you’re certainly in the right place and at the right time. That’s because below you will come across a few of the most uncommon home remedies for the common cold!

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Snack on Raw Onion Rings

Because your stuffy nose considerably weakens your sense of taste, grab the opportunity to consume raw onions, which is something that can help you recover so much faster from the common cold. That’s because onions have vitamin C and sulfur in them, both of which can help encourage your immune cells to spring into action.

Raw onions can also help make you breathe more comfortably — the pungent fumes that they give off can help open up your mucus-stuffed airways effectively.

Enjoy a Little Dark Chocolate

Most especially if your cold is causing you to cough like a dog and it’s keeping you as well as everyone around you sleepless at night, it is a wonderful idea for you to treat yourself to a small piece of dark chocolate. If you really want to pamper yourself, you may have a mug of piping hot dark chocolate drink, too.

According to scientists, theobromine found abundantly in dark chocolate is very good at alleviating your coughing fit. Just make sure that the treat is at least 70% cacao as having too much sugar is bad for a cold.

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Reach for Some Oysters

Everyone knows that oysters are powerful aphrodisiacs. However, it’s highly recommended for you to have some of them each time you’re down with a cold not to put you in the mood but to help you get back on your feet in no time.

One of the nutrients found abundantly in oysters is zinc, which is a mineral that supercharges the white blood cells of your immune system, allowing them to fight the cold viruses currently wreaking havoc on your body so much better. If you’re a vegetarian, fret not. You can get zinc from various seeds or zinc lozenges.

Play Some Jazz Tunes

While nursing a cold, give your favorite pop or rock tunes a break and then let some jazz songs shine. So grab your headphones and stream some jazz hits while you’re in bed!

You may find this really hard to believe but, according to a scientific investigation, spending up to 30 minutes of your time listening to jazz music helps boost the amount of Immunoglobulin A or IgA, which is a component of the immune system that helps in dealing with active infections.

Have a Glass of Coconut Water

Water is boring — and that’s why not too many people are able to consume around 2 liters of water a day which is what health authorities suggest to keep dehydration at bay.

Each time you’re down with a cold, keeping your body hydrated very well is of utmost importance. To save yourself from the very boring task of drinking water, opt for coconut water instead. Experts say that it also contains electrolytes necessary to assist the cells of your body absorb water molecules so much better.

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