The Do’s and Don’ts of Weight Loss

Losing weight is a challenge. There’s no magic bullet to it and no perfect weight loss program. Each person’s body is different, so while one routine might work wonders for your friend, it might not do much for you.

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To make things even more difficult, you are likely inundated with information on what to do and what to avoid when trying to lose weight. To make things simpler for you, here are some do’s and don’t to consider while you’re on your weight loss journey.


DON’T Starve Yourself

Your body will automatically go into survival mode if you try to limit your food consumption. This means that since your body knows it won’t be given energy for a while, it will hold on more tightly to all the sugars and fats that it has stored. Starving yourself will also slow down your metabolism.

DON’T Drown Yourself in Alcohol

Liquors and spirits are admittedly a part of our lives. You could even argue that you only drink in moderation. Regardless, it can still ruin your diet. Alcohol has no nutritional value but is high in calories. A shot of vodka actually has more than 100 calories. Alcohol also hinders the body’s ability to absorb the nutrients you need from food. It also slows your metabolism down since it limits your body’s capacity to create glucose and maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

DON’T Expect a Quick Fix

As previously mentioned, there are no short cuts to losing weight. You actually have to change your lifestyle if you want to succeed. Try to follow the 80/20 rule. This means focusing on a healthy lifestyle 80 percent of the time and indulging 20 percent. For instance, designate four meals per week as your cheat meal. This way you don’t deprive yourself and you don’t overindulge.

DON’T Deprive Yourself

You are in danger of sabotaging your weight loss journey if you deprive yourself. Restricting yourself can result in cravings and bingeing. If you’re constantly miserable because you’re wishing you are eating something else, you will never develop the habit of a clean and healthy lifestyle. Moderation is key.

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DO Eat Healthy Foods Regularly

Eating regularly boosts your metabolism and stabilizes your blood pressure. It has been proven (although often misunderstood) that you have to eat if you want to cut down on fat or lose weight. You still need to eliminate your hunger even if you’re on a diet. The difference is that instead of stopping your hunger with pasta, you do it with healthy grains, vegetables, or lean proteins. Plus, starving yourself will only cause you to slip under pressure and make unhealthy food choices.

DO Drink Lots of Water

It has been said time and again, but water consumption can increase the amount of calories you burn. So if you want to lose weight, drink eight or more glasses of water daily.

DO Develop a Weekly Meal Plan

Losing weight takes effort. It also means understanding your body, what it needs, and meeting it. One way to do this is to have a clear weekly meal plan. It will help you stick to your goals. You can either write out what you will eat this week or prep the dishes ahead of time.

DO Work on Your Willpower

It’s good to acknowledge that there’s nothing wrong to eating a slice of cheesecake during a party, but don’t let your brain convince you into thinking that since you already had one, it’s ok to have another. Exercise your willpower. Without it, you will not reach your goals.

You can lose weight. The trick is to be clear on what you can do and what you cannot. A little preparation, willpower, and not depriving yourself can go a long way in helping you succeed.


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