The Naked Truth About Body Acne

For some people, acne can also be found on various areas of the body other than the face. The neck, back, chest, shoulders and upper arms are sites where inflamed or infected sebaceous glands may appear. Body acne is quite common among acne sufferers. It’s not unlikely for someone who has acne on the face to have acne elsewhere, but it’s not always the case.

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Although non-life threatening, body acne can cause a lot of embarrassment. Some of those humungous breakouts may be painful too. Body acne is usually more common and severe in males, although just about anyone can suffer from it.

Knowing the Causes of Body Acne

Body acne is triggered by the very things that cause facial acne. They include hyperactive oil glands, excessive amounts of dead skin cells and multiplication of bacteria which cause acne.

It is on the upper body where acne may show up due to the presence of more sebaceous glands than anywhere else in the body. These glands may get clogged up by dirt, excess sebum (oil secreted by the sebaceous glands) and dead skin cells. When these clogged glands become inflamed or infected, acne transpires.

Body acne may also be triggered by articles of clothing. Acne already present may be aggravated by friction. It’s for this reason why sufferers of body acne should strive to keep those breakouts from coming into contact with tight-fitting clothes, bag straps, fashion accessories and others.

Sweat may also cause body acne to get irritated. It’s a good idea for anyone with body acne to stay in cool places, wear clothes out of fabrics that permit the skin to breathe as well as absorb moisture, and take a shower after engaging in physical activities that cause them to perspire a lot.

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Medical Treatments for Body Acne

The application of some OTC solutions may work very well for mild cases of body acne. Body washes formulated for body acne contain salicylic acid that may help in speeding up the drying of those red and swollen breakouts.

There are pads or wipes containing benzoyl peroxide, a chemical known to be effective against acne. The application of lotions containing lactic acid or glycolic acid may work wonderfully too. Products with alpha hydroxyl acids work very well by accelerating the replacement of old skin layers with new ones.

Moderate to severe body acne cases may require more powerful treatments. A skin specialist may prescribe topically applied solutions containing Retin-A. There are times when orally taken antibiotics may be recommended.

It’s possible for some doctors to treat very severe body acne with oral isotretinoin, although this drug tend to yield certain side effects such as upset stomach, mouth dryness, crusty skin, nosebleeds, minor inflammation of the lips or eyelids, and thinning of hair.

Effective Body Acne Home Remedies

There are so many tried-and-tested effective homemade remedies for body acne. Some of them include:

  • Apple cider vinegar. Many swear by the efficacy of simply daubing trouble spots with apple cider vinegar diluted with equal parts of water. Apple cider vinegar kills bacteria, reduces inflammation and restores the skin’s normal pH level.
  • Baking soda. Baking soda helps break down excess oils as well as accelerates the drying of acne. Simply add a few drops of water to baking soda to make a thick paste. Apply on breakouts and allow it to dry there. Rinse with water afterwards.
  • Tea tree oil. With its powerful antibacterial properties, it’s no wonder why tea tree oil is highly effective against acne on the face and other parts of the body. It is recommended for an acne sufferer who has never used tea tree oil before to dilute it with equal parts of olive oil to weaken it a little.
  • Honey and turmeric. The combination of 2 tablespoons of honey and 1 teaspoon of turmeric results in a potent anti-acne paste. Honey soothes and moisturizes the skin while turmeric reduces sebum production as well as lightens acne scars.
  • Other than being an effective painkiller, aspirin is also good at healing acne. Simply crush a few tablets and add a few drops of water until a thick paste is created. This should be applied on trouble spots daily.
  • Adding 1 teaspoon of honey and the juice of 1/2 lemon to a cup of cooked oatmeal makes for an excellent home remedy for back acne. Simply apply the mixture on the affected areas and rinse off with water after 30 minutes.
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