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The One Minute Full Body Workout

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Find time for workouts!

No time for a full workout today? No sweat. If you can find just one free minute, then you can do this easy workout from fitness expert Keli Roberts. You’ll hit all the major muscle groups and—if you really push—get a cardio surge as well.

The One Minute Full Body Workout

Power push-up plank

Do the moves one right after the other with no resting in between. Your goal is to fit in a set in just 60 seconds, though it’ll probably take a little longer at first. (Beginners, shoot for two minutes.) Fit as many of these workouts into your day as you can.
Stand with feet a little wider than shoulders

(top left) ; squat down and place hands on floor in front of feet.

Jump or walk feet back into plank position (middle), keeping body lengthened by tightening abs; hold for a count of 8.

Do 2 push-ups (on your toes, if possible, or on your knees; bottom right); jump or walk feet toward hands, return to a low-squat position on feet, and stand up. Repeat entire move 4 more times.

The One Minute Full Body Workout

Lie on your stomach with arms stretched overhead and legs straight. Lengthen body, tuck tailbone to protect your lower back, and lift arms and legs at the same time. Hold for 10 seconds.

The One Minute Full Body Workout

Bicycle abs
Lie on back with hands behind head, legs and feet lifted, knees bent to 90-degree angle. Lift head and shoulders slightly off mat. Rotate torso so left shoulder is moving toward right knee. At the same time, extend and lower left leg. Alternate sides for a total of 10 reps per side.

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Source: Health.com

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