The Quick and Healthy 3 Step Guide to a Flat Stomach

We all want to remove a few inches from our stomach, but how can we do it right? Follow the 3 simple rules:
• Burn Enough Calories
• Don’t Skip on The core Exercises
• Eat healthy

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No need to hunch over the gym for hours, every day. All you need is some high intensity workouts.

High Intensity Workout – This are workouts that require high intensity movements. This can help burn more calories and increase metabolism in a short period of time. This is the best way to flatten your tummy. It doesn’t require a gym or any heavy machinery.

Abs or a Flat Stomach – Everybody has abs, but most of us have it hidden a layer or fat or adipose tissue. Removing these layers can make the abs more visible. To burn off these layers you have to eat healthy and avoid fatty foods. Keep up with a consistent and effective cardio regimen and target the core areas with some core exercises.

Eat Healthy
• No matter how hard you work out if you eat like a pig you’ll never get to see your abs. Have a steady eating plan that you can keep up with. Don’t completely remove foods that you love, you will end up getting tired of eating healthier and start to go back to bad habits.
• Count your calories, use apps that can help you track down the calories you’ve consumed. This prevents you from eating too much and tells you how much calorie you need to burn off.
• Eat every 3 hours (when awake), this keeps your metabolism going and gives you enough energy to do your workouts.
• Good fats can help you lose weight, stock up on some good fats in your diet. Salmon and avocados are great examples of foods that have good fat.
• Protein, take in enough protein for your body to keep your muscle and body in top form.
• Avoid processed and artificial foods. Foods that are also high in carbs should be left out of your diet.
• Water, drink lots and lots of water. Water can keep you hydrated and full through your workout.
• Have a cheat day at least once a week. This will help you keep up with your diet.

• Burning calories is the best way to remove fat. Burn enough calories to lose weight and not to maintain it.
• P90x and HIIT workouts are great high intensity workouts to keep the blood pumping and the calories burning.
• Mountain climbers are a great full body workout move. It tones the arms, shoulders and legs. It increases heart rate and can be easily done at home.
• Scissors are a great core exercise. It can help tone the lower abdomen and thighs. Perform this exercise by lying on the floor face up and lifting the legs 45 degrees. Simply cross the legs together alternately. Do these motions for about 2 to 5 minutes
• Another exercise for a flat stomach is the fork and knife jump, you can execute this move by placing the feet together and jumping from side to side, but tucking in your legs as much as you can to your stomach. Do this from different angles.
• Jumping Split lunges, halo dead lift and planks are great core exercises that you can do before you go to work.

Having a flat stomach is a great and satisfying feeling. Having a toned tummy can also help with digestive problems and gastrointestinal disorders. A strong core can also lessen chances of back pain, muscle strain and tears in the muscle.

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