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The Soothing Benefits Of Scalp Massage

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Have you tried scalp massage lately? Did you know that scalp massage offers variety of benefits not only to your hair but also to your overall well-being?

You can have yourself a well-deserve scalp massage in a spa, hair salons or even in the comforts of your home. Hair and scalp experts recommend having a scalp massage at least once a week. It can be done by using oil, such as olive or coconut oil or you can do it without the use of oil. Others prefer scalp massage without oil because they don’t want to go out of a hair salon with a greasy look on their hair especially if they will head somewhere else after a scalp massage session.

Learn the benefits of scalp massage not only in caring for your crowning glory but also in combating stress and in improving well-being. Here are the benefits.

  1. It promotes improved stimulation of blood circulation. This allows the roots of your hair receive nutrients quicker and reduces tension in the area.
  2. It loosens dead skin cells and manages adequate production of sebum.
  3. It increases healthy hair growth. As scalp massage improves better blood circulation, it promotes healthy growth of the hair. Stress and tension can constrict scalp, blocking adequate blood flow to the hair roots. Hence, repeated scalp massage on a regular basis can help strengthen the roots of the hair, which improve hair growth.
  4. It prevents occurrence of dandruff. If oil is used when performing scalp massage, it can also help in averting dandruff. Having scalp massage can also relieve itchiness, preventing flakes that is associated with chronic dandruff.
  5. It makes you feel great. A study reveals the positive impact of massage on the levels of serotonin and dopamine in the body, which affects one’s mood. After a scalp massage session, serotonin levels increase an average of 28 percent while dopamine levels are up by an average of 31 percent. Thus, scalp massage boosts one’s mood.
  6. It induces sleep. Those people who sleep inadequately or suffer from insomnia can find relief from getting a scalp massage. Many people find improvement in their quality of sleep when they have regular scalp massage.
  7. It boosts energy. Scalp massage can also help those who suffer from fatigue to feel more energized.
  8. It relieves headache. When doing a scalp massage on someone with a tension headache, spend more time on the base of the skull, near the hairline for the tension often occurs and accumulates in this area. It can provide a relief when you include a massage on the forehead and temples when massaging.
  9. Scalp massage also alleviates migraine. Those people with migraine can be relieved as scalp massage reduces pain. In a study published in The Journal Headache Pain, those patients with migraine who had regular massages had 71 percent reduction in pain compared to those who did not have a massage. In addition, a study in New Zealand reveals that patients who had massage therapy had fewer migraine incidences and improved sleep. Massage helps them improve blood circulation, a key factor in reducing pain and frequency of migraines, which are associated with reduced blood flow to the brain.
  10. Proper scalp massage provides glow to the complexion of the face.
  11. It can help your eyes to relax, minimizing chronic eyestrain.
  12. It can help stimulate creativity center in the brain, which can be beneficial in a more enlightened idea processing or long-term meditation.
  13. Harmony in the body can be restored especially if the base scalp massage oil is combined with essential or aromatherapy oil.
  14. It brings balance to your body temperature.
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With these many advantages that scalp massage can do to you, consider doing it on a regular basis. Include scalp massage to your regular hair care regimen and your hair will definitely love and thank you for it.

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