The Use Of Makeup Wipes – Boon or Bane

Skin experts repeatedly advise women to remove their makeup before they go to sleep. Taking off your makeup after gruelling hours from work seems to be an added task for many women.

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Those who wear makeup at work could not deny the fact that upon arrival at home, they feel too lazy to head toward the bath area just to wash their face and remove their makeup. That’s why many of them opt the use of instant makeup remover, the makeup wipes. Because they are aware that sleeping with makeup on is bad for the skin and unhygienic, they go for this product as quick fix. All they need to do is to wipe it gently on the face, take off the stubborn makeup without fussing with different bottles as well as splashing of water.

Are makeup wipes healthy for the skin?

This easy and quick product to remove makeup is not healthy for the skin. Yes, makeup wipes may take color off your skin and provide ease and convenience when you feel too exhausted to do it. The sad thing is that these wipes don’t effectively clean the skin. As explained by a skin expert, you are only smearing the dirt, bacteria, oil and makeup to your face. It resembles to applying a cleanser to your face without washing with water. Nonetheless, using this kind of makeup remover exposes your skin to harsh chemicals compositions it has in the product. It may not be good after all.

Many women think that these cleansing wipes or makeup wipes are the answers to their dilemma. Experts regret but they are not. Makeup wipes may cleanse their skin with a simple wipe. However, they are not able to cleanse and take the makeup off as they smear to the face. When oil and debris exist, they cause the pores to clog. These also prevent proper penetration on the skin because it lacks proper cleansing and exfoliation.

What makes makeup wipes harmful for your skin?

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Most wipes contain chemicals that leave residue on the skin. Many of them contain SD alcohol 40 and denatured alcohol. They are included in the formula so they evaporate more quickly; hence, your skin won’t stay wet for long. Applying wipes with alcohol can irritate and dry the skin because they are dehydrating.

Take note that this product has shelf life. Storing too long can affect its quality. Like any other product, makeup wipes have preservatives to keep its freshness as well as its safety. However, the preservatives used may not safeguard your skin. They might damage your skin later on.

Whenever you use makeup wipes, don’t forget to rinse your face. This is essential to wash away the chemical residues that this remover contains.

Should you still use it?

The question poses, should you use makeup remover wipes?

Well, these wipes are not bad at all. They are helpful in situations such as plane rides or bathroom touch ups when you might need to freshen up your foundation or erase mascara smudges. They should remain tools of convenience, not necessity. As much as possible, you have to look for alcohol-free makeup wipes. It would be gentler to use for the face.

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