The Weird Benefits of Ice Cold Facials

Monthly facials are essential to healthy and glowing skin. When we think of facials we imagine a dimly lit room filled with a flowery aroma. An Esthetician wearing a facial mask looms over our face massaging it gently. Facials are a great way to distress and relax, but there will be months that you just have to skip your monthly facial. What are you to do then? Well, dunking your head in an ice cold bowl will do!

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You read that right! Dunking your face in an ice cold bowl can give you the same benefit as a facial or more. There are so many health benefits to doing this trick! Dunking your head in ice cold water for 30 seconds can improve skin problems and improve overall skin health.



  • Removes puffy and tired eyes. This is a great morning routine. The ice cold water will wake you up and promote blood circulation in the face. Removing inflammation on the face and lessening puffiness.
  • Lightens redness, doing this on sunburnt or acne riddled skin will lessen the redness and irritation. This will also help give you a more even base for your foundation. Besides redness it can lessen different undertones such as blues, browns and yellow colors on the face.
  • The pores will shrink and prevent oil and dirt from seeping it. It will also tighten the skin.
  • It is a great way to prevent wrinkles. It hydrates your face keeps the face’s elasticity.
  • Cover up exhaustions or hangovers. Dunking your head in the morning before going out can help hide hangovers or lack of sleep.
  • Using it every day will keep the skin looking fresh and clean. It will also give the skin its natural pinkish glow.

How to:

  • Fill a bowl with cold water
  • Fill the top of it with ice cubes
  • Dunk your face in it for 10 to 30 second intervals
  • Pin your hair or wear a headband to prevent the hair from falling over the face.


This is a less expensive and easy to do alternative facials! Doing this every day can help keep the skin firm and moisturize. It is also a great pick-me-upper, instead of your cup of Java a quick dunk in ice cold water can wake you up in no time.



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