The World’s Worst Weight Loss Tips

Here’s a fact: many of the weight loss tips out there can actually make it even harder for you to shed off those excess pounds. Make the mistake of welcoming them into your life and you may bid goodbye to a safe and efficient reduction of unwanted weight. It’s no secret that attaining your dream figure is not an easy task. Follow tips and tricks that do not work and everything simply becomes trickier.

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Luckily, you just stumbled upon the mother lode of the word’s most horrible tips on slimming down. Check which of the following you have been doing for some time now so you may immediately turn your back on them:

Quit Eating Fat to Avoid Being Fat

Not all fats are the same. Some of them cause your waistline to expand and your arteries to get clogged up while others can actually help you slim down — provided that they’re combined with good eating habits and regular exercise. Fats coming from the likes of fish, avocados, nuts, seeds and vegetable oils are all good for your health.

Limit Your Intake of Calories

While it’s a good idea to keep track of the number of calories you consume daily, minding where they come from is also very important. Considering the quality of calories can help you make the right food choices and zap those unwanted pounds. For instance, 100 calories from a serving of fruit is entirely different from 100 calories from a sliver of chocolate cake. The latter are regarded as empty calories as they do not come with nutrients the body requires.

Steer Clear of Snacks to Slim Down

If you consider chips, cookies and candies as the only snacks available, you should definitely quit snacking. The fact is snacking can actually make it easier for you to lose excess weight because it keeps you from ending up feeling deprived and having hunger pangs. In between meals, it’s a wonderful idea to munch on healthy snacks like a small serving of unflavored yogurt or a handful of nuts or dried fruits to feel satisfied and keep the metabolism running.

Fill Your Belly with Protein

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Your body is designed to function with the help of 3 different macronutrients in the form of carbohydrates, fat and protein. Focusing on only one of them is a terrible idea if you wish to become slim because optimum health is the only thing you will be losing, not excess pounds. Loading up on protein can keep you from having your dose of complex carbohydrates, fiber and antioxidants. What’s more, it can lead to high cholesterol and blood pressure due to all the saturated fats.

Eliminate Carbohydrates to Lose Weight

Just like fats, not all carbohydrates are the same. One of the secrets to a successful weight reduction is carefully choosing your source of carbohydrates. The kinds coming from fruits, vegetables and whole grains are all good for you. On the other hand, carbohydrates coming from food products with refined or bleached flour can wreak havoc to your figure, most especially when consumed in excessive amounts.

Eat Less Food to Weigh Less

Time and again, fitness experts are strongly advising everybody against crash dieting. The reason behind this can be put into 3 simple words: diets don’t work. Deprive your body of calories (and other vital nutrients) and your metabolism will shut down. You don’t want this to happen because it will only make it extra difficult for you to slim down.

Workout on an Empty Stomach

According to a study, ditching eating before you jog, swim, bike or play tennis may result in muscle loss. Losing muscle mass is not a good idea especially for someone like you who wants to slim down. Other than making your body look saggy and lacking in all the right curves, it can also keep your metabolism from running optimally. Several minutes before you start to sweat, reach for a piece of fruit or a bowl of oatmeal to supply your body with energy.

Turn Your Back on Red Meat

In excessive amounts, red meat is bad for your figure and heart due to the saturated fat it contains. In moderation, however, it supplies you with iron and good quality protein necessary for building and maintaining lean muscle mass. Limit your intake of red meat to a couple of small portions a week and go for lean cuts.

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