There is Cucumber Water, Lemon Water and Tea but How About Honey Water?

Many simple recipes for detox water are out there and they do work, they make you get the water down more easily without much of the weight and bloated feeling.  Adding things like herbs and citrus help turn the water anti-bacterial and metabolism speeding.  These ingredients are perfectly healthy and fresh and can only add benefit to one’s diet.  Detox waters help burn fat and well- detox your body, detox water is especially beneficial in the morning and especially after a binge on sugar, fat and whatever else.

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Apple, watermelon, orange, berries and pineapple chunks work too but did you know that something as delectable as honey makes a great detox water too?

This sweetener is such a diet cheat because it is more interesting than sugar and so so healthy that is even lowers blood sugar.  I highly suggest you add lemon or another type of citrus and maybe even mint to balance out the sweetness (I still like my water refreshing).

This simple fix just requires a teaspoon or tablespoon of honey in your hot or cold glass of water with a squeeze of citrus.  It is also very soothing to put the honey in a tea.

Gas Problems No More

This concoction is antibacterial and metab speeding so it will come to no surprise that honey can definitely reverse the bloating effects of junk foods and other sugars.  Especially with the lemon or other citrus you will flush out toxins more efficiently.

You Will Boost Your Immune System

Honey has a lot of vitamins, minerals and enzymes it is also a sugar that beats bad sugar, it is like an antisugar.  Of course you can get fat off healthy things too, but honey in controlled amounts replacing sugar will have a huge improvement on your records of becoming sick.

Good Quality Honey Lasts (Millennia)

Honey is probably the most well-preserved food discovered, when low or zero in water content with no contamination it can lasts 2000-3000 years researchers say.

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Improves Skin Quality

It has so much antioxidants along with antibacterial properties and serves as a moisturizing mask that can keep your natural oils in after you wash the honey away.  But it is much more effective to eat edible beauty products than to put them on your face all the time.


You heard that right, this has to be mentioned because a lot of people either do not realize or they are in denial for thinking sugar is not a bad thing or not the worst thing.  Sugars found in processed foods- unnatural sugars or sugars that were messed with are one of the top killers on Earth.

Great for Throat Problems

Sore throat is one of the most annoying ailments in the world.  Usually reoccurring coughs are not a good sign of a healthy individual or it may be a sign of a viral infection or simply unclean surroundings.  Sore throats should not be common and less sicklier people sometimes only have them once every 1-2 years.  It is because they probably look after what they eat and drink, making sure they do not have too much sugar, fat, salt especially the processed versions of all those.  Lemon, lime or calamansi with honey in an herbal tea is your throat’s best friend.

Healthy Workout or Pick-Me-Up Energy Drink

Honey is high in good, valuable calories and has the good kind of carbs and sugar that you can burn easily with some exercise and a genuine smile.

Hear Diseases Risk is Lowered

And possible for cancers too, if you choose to commit to a life of loving yourself fully and being aware of your ailments, limitations and what you should eat.  A life wherein you replace sugar with honey is not enough, you must follow up on everything else.  Lessen sugary drinks that have little natural fruit, junk food and fast food, chips, cakes and lazing around too much.  Exercise, diet and investment in your own talents leads to a fulfilled and fitter life.

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