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These Are the Most Unhealthy Foods in the World

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Growing up, almost every kid in the world was probably told to stay clear of junk foods and eat more of fruits and vegetables instead. The world is full of sugary, tasty and mouth-salivating foods but the question is, are those healthy for you? Based on statistics, more than 50% of deaths in North America are caused by cardiovascular diseases related to unhealthy eating habits. Here’s a list of some of the planet’s most unhealthy foods.

1. Cheeseburgers

Cheeseburgers can be found in almost all parts of the world. In fact these juicy fried burgers are known to be a staple of the American diet. Cheeseburgers are loaded with saturated fat, sodium and a whole lot of preservatives which makes it rather unhealthy. Excessive consumption of burgers may lead to weight gain and other cardiovascular complications.

2. Sodas and other Sugary Drinks

Sodas are indeed refreshing to the taste buds; unfortunately, they also have zero nutritional value. Same goes for the sugar-laden frappucinos that millions of people all over the world love. Remember that too much sugar in anything may lead to diabetes and other illnesses.

3. Processed Meats

Who doesn’t love bacon? Hotdogs, bacon, luncheon meat—these are all great-tasting treats, but are also unhealthy. Processed food/meats contain ingredients that enable them to have a longer shelf life. Sodium nitrate is a known ingredient in most processed meats, and there have been studies showing how sodium nitrate is linked to the development of certain cancers.

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4. Fried Foods

Deep frying foods make its fat content considerably higher. Millions of people around the globe are fans of the French fries—they’re crispy, yummy and yes, too fatty. If you want to lose excess weight, try to stay away from this fried goodness.

These foods are great to eat not to mention filling as well; however on the downside, they don’t really offer much to your body. The only thing these foods can give you would be a bigger waistline and fuller hips. So if you are to encounter these foods, be sure to enjoy them, however do it only in moderation.

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