These Health and Beauty Perks of Vanilla Will Thrill You

Does your mouth water uncontrollably at the whiff and sight of vanilla ice cream, custard or cake? Then you will surely love vanilla even more upon learning that it offers all sorts of health and beauty benefits. But wait — the kind that’s beneficial is pure extract, and not an imitation of vanilla. Pure vanilla extract may be more expensive that vanilla essence, but it packs more flavor and more importantly it has all the perks it brings for your wellbeing and appearance.

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Before we discuss these health and beauty benefits, let us first tackle how that bottle of vanilla extract in your kitchen came into being. The product is actually derived from the beans the vanilla plant. Unripe pods of vanilla are harvested upon reaching a particular length. They are then dried under the sun and the extract is obtained from the beans within. Basically, that’s how an amazing flavoring for various baked treats and desserts is attained.

These days, both pure vanilla extract and imitation vanilla flavorings can be easily obtained in the market. Unlike 100% vanilla extract, imitation vanilla is often a mixture of synthetic flavorings and actual vanilla extract. Make sure that you read the label to ensure that you are getting the real deal, especially if it’s important for you to enjoy the perks pure vanilla extract is known to offer. By the way, you can tell that the flavoring you are using is pure if you see tiny black specks on that homemade custard, custard, cake or any other vanilla-flavored treat of your liking.

Now that you have an idea on how vanilla extract with an unmistakable fragrance and taste is made, let us not allow some of the amazing benefits it offers to take center stage:

Vanilla Extract Helps Cure Pimples

Some beauty products have vanilla extract in them not only to smell fantastic, but also to be more effective at killing off microbes on the skin that cause pimples and even acne.

It Promotes Skin That’s Younger Looking

Because vanilla extract is packed with antioxidants, it is a wonderful remedy for some skin aging signs like wrinkles. Antioxidants in the yummy-smelling extract neutralize free radicals before they damage healthy cells and leave your skin looking tired and old.

The Plant Extract Heals Minor Burns

Healers in the traditional sense have been relying on vanilla extract to cure minor burns. It has soothing properties, and its ability to fight off bacteria can help prevent an infection as well as accelerate the healing process.

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Vanilla Extract Stimulates Hair Growth

Bothered by too much strands of hair falling off? Worry not because massaging a warm mixture of 10 drops of vanilla extract and a quarter of a cup of olive oil, almond oil or coconut oil on your scalp for about 2 to 3 minutes can help stimulate growth of hair. Do this regularly to keep your mane thick and beautiful.

It’s Capable of Putting an End to Dental Problems

Reach for a bottle of 100% pure vanilla extract if you are bugged by an aching tooth. Placing a drop on the problem area not only helps numb the pain, but also prevents bacterial growth that leads to an infection.

The Nice-Smelling Extract Helps Fight Cough

Some cough preparations on the market have vanilla in them to taste superb. However, some say that vanilla is added to actually help manage symptoms associated with a cough like throat pain due to its mild anesthetic properties.

Vanilla Extract Helps Deal with Menstrual Problems

Is your period irregular? For many years now, a lot of women swear by the effectiveness of vanilla extract in regulating their cycles. It’s the cure to go for if you want to deal with your feminine problem in a more all-natural approach.

It Helps Calm Your Nerves Naturally

Whenever stress or anxiety strikes, just have a whiff of vanilla extract because it is proven to help soothe your mind. Vanilla extract is also being used by some as a form of aphrodisiac — something that boosts the sex drive. Whether you want a calmer mind or you are keyed up for some intimate action, you can count on vanilla extract.

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