Things to Avoid If You Have Sensitive Teeth

It’s hard to ignore tooth sensitivity when it acts up. It can easily ruin a romantic dinner date with your long-time crush or a fun coffee afternoon with your best friends. And if you are unaware of some of the most common triggers, your risk of ending up in distress can be a commonplace.

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One of the smartest steps that you may take if you have sensitive teeth is to pay your trusted dentist a visit. He or she is someone who can identify the cause of the problem and provide the best treatment for it.

Then you may also steer clear of certain things that are proven to make your pearly whites ache and completely wreck the moment. If you are quite sure that you have tooth sensitivity due to the repeated dental woes you have had in the past, simply refrain from committing the following mistakes:

Consuming Very Hot or Cold Foods

The moment you put something too hot or too cold in your mouth, it’s for certain that you tooth sensitivity will strike in a snap. Nothing can make your chompers ache more that allowing exposed dentin, the layer right under the enamel, to come into contact with foods and beverages that are either very hot or cold.

If turning your back on ice cream or a hot cup of coffee is a no-no, you may try using toothpaste for those with sensitive teeth. Aside from using it regularly, you may apply a little on sensitive parts before eating or drinking.

Enjoying Sweet Treats

Nothing can make a person with sensitive teeth recoil in pain more than having a bite or drink of anything that’s laden with sugar. Especially if you have tooth decay, it’s something that can spoil your day.

But other than just sensitive teeth, consuming sweets can give you more dental issues. Sugar promotes the growth of oral bacteria, and the proliferation of those microbes gives rise to plaque and cavities. If you really care about your smile, consume sugary treats in moderation. Also, don’t forget to clean your mouth after as soon as you can.

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Having Anything That’s Sour or Acidic

Other than causing your pearly whites to ache, the consumption of sour or acidic foods and drinks can actually make the problem worse. That’s because they can wear away enamel that’s already eroded, causing more dentin to be exposed. When that happens, no amount of toothpaste for sensitive teeth will be able to lend a hand.

If you cannot help but consume anything sour or acidic, refrain from brushing your teeth right away because it will only cause further erosion of the enamel, making tooth sensitivity worse.

Aggressive Tooth Brushing

Everyone knows the importance of using a toothbrush with soft bristles, and also gentle brushing. Otherwise, you may end up wearing down the protecting outer covering of each of your tooth, which is the enamel.

Brushing the teeth aggressively should be avoided not only by those who have sensitive teeth, but also those who don’t want to have it. Besides, dentists say that it’s not just your pearly whites that are at risk of being damaged if you brush like there’s no tomorrow, but also your gums.

Being Stressed or Anxious

Did you know that it’s also a good idea for you to keep your stress and anxiety levels to a minimum if you suffer from tooth sensitivity? That’s because uncontrolled stress and anxiety can lead to bruxism, a fancy medical term for grinding of the teeth most especially while you are spending time in dreamland.

Tooth grinding can also be due to certain sleep disorders. If you’re told that you snore loudly or grind your teeth incessantly in your sleep, consider seeing a sleep specialist in order to avoid complications.

Do you have family or friends always complaining how sensitive their teeth are? Kindly repost this article online to let them know which activities they should avoid if they want to be spared from pain.

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