Things That Make Period Worse

Having your period is no fun. The bleeding, staining of clothes, changing tampons or pads every few minutes, irresistible cravings, mood swings and the painful cramps. The only reason why we want our period to arrive is to help signal us that we aren’t pregnant or have any reproductive problems. Our period comes once a month and usually last until menopause or stops due to pregnancy. Other than these, contraceptives and reproductive health issues nothing will stop your period from coming month after month. Though, there is some things that you can do that can actually make it worse. Here a few things that you might be doing that are making your period a lot worse than they really should be.

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You Are Way Too Stressed

Being stressed is one of the worst things in the world. You feel incredibly tired, looked like you’ve seen a ghost and more prone to any diseases because of it. Beside this amazing perk of being stressed it can also affect your period. It’s bad enough that stress on its own is destructive to the mind, it also messes up your pride and worst it can even cause it to stop completely. Your menstruation can get a lot worse due to the cortisol released in your body when it is under stressed. The constant amount of cortisol in the system can cause your menstruation to be irregular, make you a lot moodier and cause incredibly painful cramps. Being overly stressed for long periods will surely mess with your body. Relaxing once in a while can definitely benefit your body. So, as much as you possibly can take a few hours a day to spend on yourself and relax.

Irregular Sleep Schedule

It’s a lot easier to say that we need 8 hours of sleep than to actually do it. It is one of the most important things when it comes to our health. We need sleep or our body will start to shut down. Lack of sleep will surely affect your menstruation. Even sleeping on an irregular schedule will cause changes in your body that can make your period a lot worse. People that are required to work different shifts tend to experience menstrual irregularities and even some noted for having painful cramps and nausea during menstruation. You need to get enough shut eye to keep your body functioning properly. If you maintain an irregular schedule for a long time, your period may be permanently affected. You can acquire longer, more painful or irregular menstruations.

Caffeine Addiction

For people that really love the taste of coffee and chug down about 4 to 6 cups a day. You should be aware that too much caffeine in the system can cause some of your PMS symptoms to be a lot worse during your period. Symptoms such as anxiety, insomnia, irritability, shifting moods and so on tend to be a lot worse during our period. Adding too much caffeine into the mix will surely make it a lot harder to manage. You can’t really stop drinking coffee if it’s been a regular part of your day, but you can lessen the amount you intake. Make sure that you consume one or two cups of caffeine a day. That includes coffee, tea or soft drinks. It is also important to lessen your intake a week before and on your period.

Skipping The Pill

The pill were created to be taken in a specific amount of time consecutively. Suddenly stopping or skipping it can cause a flutter in your hormones that can affect how your body works. Hormones affect us, especially or menstruation. PMS symptoms get a lot shoddier if you constantly skip taking pills. This can lead to irregular spotting, excessive bleeding and severe pain.

There are a lot of things that you can do that can affect your period. From eating the wrong things to being way too stressed all the time. All that stress you’ve got from your boss that’s making you want to tear your hair out is one of the reasons why your period is so bad. So, having that one day off due to unbearable stomach cramps should be allowed right? Are you guilty of committing any of these? What else makes your periods worst and what do you do to reduce the effects? Share your tips and opinions here.

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