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Things to Do to Curb Your Urge to Light Up a Cigarette Stick

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Experts say that you can expect the worst cigarette cravings the longer you smoked and the more sticks you lit up per day. If you have been a heavy smoker for several years, you can expect longing for nicotine to be at its worst. The good news is cigarette cravings do get weaker and weaker as the weeks pass by. So until the time comes wherein you feel that you have completely forgotten about that nasty habit, you have to fight off the intense urges to reach for a cigarette stick and have it lit up.

Fortunately, there are a few things that you may do to outsmart those cravings. While it’s true that the first couple of minutes of yearning to smoke can be really overpowering, it generally wanes off in the next 20 minutes. Remaining strong throughout the entire duration of a craving is, needless to say, crucial.

Here are some of the things that you may do to get the better of those definitely unwelcome cigarette cravings:

Consume a Glass of Water

A lot of ex-smokers find that guzzling a glass of water helps in warding off the desire to smoke. Juice may also be taken to hydrate your body as well as supply it with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Do stay away from beverages that remind you of your smoking past, such as alcohol and coffee.

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Pop Gum in Your Mouth

So many people who encounter cravings from time to time count on chewing gum. It is said that the best in putting an end to those yearnings is something that’s cinnamon flavored. So stock up on cinnamon gum and ensure that you have a steady stash of it in your backpack or purse as they will surely come in handy when cravings strike.

Have a Chat with a Family Member or Friend

When battling a terrible habit such as smoking, being alone is a definite no-no. Make sure that you get in touch with a loved one each time that you are itching to light up a cigarette stick. It’s a good idea to have a strong and reliable support system in order to combat the addiction successfully.

Get a Good Dose of Exercise

There are a couple of reasons why exercising on a regular basis is a wonderful idea. First, it helps keep your mind off of smoking. So each time that you feel that an urge is creeping in, jog or swim. Second, exercising helps keep unwanted pounds at bay because ditching the habit of smoking can cause unnecessary weight gain.

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Reach for Some Healthy Snack

It’s not unlikely for you to feel hungry when a cigarette craving is around. This is the reason why you should spend the time snacking, although make sure that you go for healthy and nutritious ones. Consider opting for snacks that can be eaten with your fingers to keep both your mouth and hands busy.

Take a Warm Shower or Bath

You will find it easier to resist a bout of craving if both your mind and body are relaxed. One way of achieving such is by stepping foot in the bathroom and enjoying a warm shower or bath. By the time that you’re through, you will find that the urge to light up a cigarette is no longer there.

Go Where Smoking is Not Allowed

Fighting off an urge to reach for a cigarette is easier if you are in a place where smoking is prohibited. Hit the museum and learn about culture and history as you try to stave off a craving. Watch a movie at the local cinema for some entertainment while trying to suppress that strong desire to smoke a cigarette stick.

Do come back and share which of these methods worked very well for you!

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