Things to Do to Reduce Chances of Getting Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is a big concern for most people. It is one of the most known type cancer and can affect you or people you know. One of the best things to do for breast cancer is to know the steps you can take to prevent it. There are a lot of things you can do towards breast cancer prevention. If you are open to different risk factors such as family history, you should be more careful. We’ve compiled some easy lifestyle changes you can do to lower your risk of getting breast cancer.

Cut Down on The Alcohol

It is difficult to remove alcohol from our system completely. It is such a social drink that cutting it out can cause your social life to suffer. Alcohol can be healthy if consumed in the right amount a glass of red wine a day and a glass of beer every other day is healthy. The limit to alcohol consumption should be one drink a day. Not drinking alcohol the whole week and drinking 7 glasses is not okay. Excessive amounts of alcohol are linked to numerous diseases such as liver problems and breast cancer.

Lack of Exercise

Exercise can prevent numerous diseases. Regular exercise showed positive effects on the prevention of breast cancer. For one, exercise help control weight. Women who gained 20 to 30 pounds through since age 18 are more likely to develop breast cancer than women who are able to maintain their weight or have a maximum 5 pounds of weight gain. This is said to be due to the estrogen levels in the body. Estrogen can stimulate cancer cell growth leading to breast cancer. Pre-menopause, women’s estrogen is produced by the ovaries, post menopause the ovaries stop producing this hormone and estrogen comes from the fat tissue. Meaning the more fat you have in your body, the higher your estrogen level will be. It is important to maintain your weight pre menopause to help the body adjust.

No Smoking

Smoking is not only associated with lung cancer, but also breast cancer. Studies prove the link between breast cancer and smoking in premenopausal women. It showed that women are 40% more likely to develop breast cancer if they smoke regularly or consumes a pack a week. Smoking is an incredibly bad habit that opens you to different illnesses. This is especially important for women that have a family history of cancer.

Be Vigilant

One of the best things you can do to reduce your chances is to be vigilant in the detection. Always check yourself for noticeable changes in your breast. Perform regular breast exams and be sure to get yourself checked yearly. If you notice any lumps or discoloration on the skin, go to your doctor immediately. Ask your doctors on new self-checks you can do at home. Begin taking mammograms early and take screening that will fit your personal history. Check yourself every week and write down everything you need to ask before your next doctors visit.

Family History

About 10% of breast cancer is hereditary. This makes it essential to know about your family history, even from your father’s side. Look at your family history and write down any notable diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, mental illness and cancer. Some men can inherit genes that can be dormant for generations. So look back as far as your great grandparents if possible.


One of the newest ways to understand if you are more prone to breast cancer is to know the density of your breast. Women that have more tissue than fat in the breast are harder to diagnose. Mammograms have a hard time to identifying tumors or cysts. Breast tissues appear white and fat looks dark. Women who have dense breast is six times more prone to breast cancer. You can identify your density by getting it checked at your local hospital.

Breast cancer is one of our biggest fears and is something we should be wary about. Heart disease is 10 times more likely to kill us than breast cancer, but it doesn’t mean it is something that we should ignore completely. On the positive note, there is a lot lower cases of breast cancer than ever before. Women are now more in control of our body. There are now easier prevention tips and exams, we can do to determine it early on. Let’s make use of this technological advancement, maintain a healthy lifestyle and follow these prevention tips to improve quality of life.

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