Things to Never Put On Your Face

It’s not easy to run out of your favorite facial product such as your cleanser or moisturizer. To compensate, we grab anything near or find which item can be a quick alternative. We think that these items will have no effect on our skin, though there are a lot of items that we should never put on your face. Trust us a day without cleansing or moisturizing your face is better than having any nasty or allergic reaction. We’ve compiled a short list of items that you should never put on your face and items that you can keep in your house as an alternative.

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There is a makeup trick that says applying Hairspray on your face can help makeup stay on longer and depending on the product waterproof. This makeup trick works, but it has a price. Hairspray is not created for facial application. It contains strong chemicals that can hold hair. Overuse of this product on the hair can damage it. What more if you use it on your face. A lot of people complained of getting itchy bumps, rashes, breakouts, peeling and irritation after using Hairspray on their face. If you really want to make your makeup last longer, use a setting spray. This spray can make makeup waterproof and last through heat, sweat and wiping.

Body Lotion

Body lotion and face creams are not the same. They are marketed as different products for a reason. Body lotion contains stronger ingredients that can be harmful to your face. It is important to wear moisturizer before you apply your makeup, but substituting it for body lotion will only make it a lot worse. The fragrance in your lotion can cause irritation of the skin. The consistency of the lotion is different from facial creams too. This can cause caking or irregular patches in your makeup. If you ever run out of moisturizer to apply on your face, use a primer or skip it completely. It is better to go bare than get an allergic reaction that can cause permanent damage.


There are a lot of DIY toner recipes that require vinegar. This can be incredibly dangerous to your skin if not weighed right or is incredibly acidic. Vinegar on small dozens can burn your face. It smells incredibly strong too. Adding in a bit of essential oil and water can dilute vinegar, but if you have sensitive skin it can still cause irritation. There is a lot better ingredient, when creating your own toner at home such as rose water. Steer clear of anything that calls for using vinegar on your face.


We’ve heard some people using shampoo as a substitute for their facial wash and body soap. The only thing that makes these products that same is that both of them can be soapy, but nothing more. The ingredients in your shampoo is different from your body, wash and facial cleanser. Shampoos contain strong ingredients that removes any dirt, grease or oil in the hair. Putting this on your face can make it incredibly dry and irritated. The fragrances in shampoos are also incredibly strong. This can cause irritation on the skin. If you ever ran out of facial wash or cleanser use water. If you need to remove makeup, use coconut oil or olive oil instead. Never ever use products that you use in your hair on your face.


Have you ever heard of the tip that using deodorant on your face can prevent you from sweating? Well, this is completely false. Yes, deodorants can stop your legs, underarm and under boob from sweating. But it cannot stop your face from sweating without consequences. There are really strong products that can stop the sweat glands in your face, but this can lead to problems such as irritation, breakouts, clogged pores, dark patches and so on. Setting sprays work well in keeping makeup fresh even through sweating. Carry an oil control film to remove excess oil and a clean napkin to dab away sweat.

Your face is a lot more sensitive than other parts of our body. It is also the most visible one. It undergoes a lot. It’s easy to keep the right facial products at home to keep us up to date with our skin care routine. Nonetheless, we will have times where we will run out of products. We hope that this list is able to help you avoid putting any harsh chemicals on your face. Avoid any mishaps and keep safe alternatives in your home. 

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