Things You Need to Know About Conditioners

You’ve probably heard about conditioners and their benefits. However, conditioners are a lot more complicated than it appears. Do you know if using conditioners everyday can help or damage your hair? Are you using the right type of conditioner for your hair type? What are the different type of conditioners? There are a lot of things you might not know about your conditioner. Know a little bit more about your shampoos partner in crime. Here are some things you need to know about conditioners.

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The Right Order

We’ve been taught that we have to shampoo our hair before conditioning. Though, where exactly did we get the idea that this is the right order? Both orders are fine, but each one has its pros and cons. Applying conditioner first can give your hair more volume and body. While using shampoos first can give your hair a sleek appearance and shine. The order you apply your product should depend on your hair. If you have oily hair it is best to use conditioners first. This will prevent your hair from getting a lot oilier than usual. This will also give your hair that needed volume. Hairs that tend to be thin and lifeless should use shampoos first. Hair that tends to be frizzy and dry should apply conditioners last. Hair that needs moisture and is prone to frizz should use conditioners last to hydrate the hair.

Hydrating Powers

Conditioners are especially important when the weather tends to be cold or drying to the hair. Applying deep conditioners are important to keep your hair from drying out and preventing your scalp from drying out. This will prevent dry flaky scalp, make hair soft and reduce the chances of scalp irritation and scarring. Use deep conditioning treatments that are light and water based to help keep the hair light and bouncy.

Used as A Styling Product

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You may never have thought about using conditioners as a styling product, but using leave in conditioners can help make styling a lot easier. Using your conditioner will also keep the hair light and save you money from buying too many products. If you want to get beach waves, cleaner braids and slicker up styles. Use leave in conditioner on damp hair and comb through. Dry the hair with medium heat and style the hair you want. Though, conditioners will only with styling. It cannot keep it in place. You will still need hair spray, gel or mousse to keep it in place.

Not All Conditioners Are the Same

There are so many conditioners out on the market that picking the right one for you can be incredibly difficult. The best way to use conditioners is to pick one that is specifically made for your hair texture. If you have thin hair, pick conditioners that can give you more volume and bounce. If your hair tends to greasy and thick, pick ones that are less heavy or on the hair or contain too much oil. Picking the right formula for your hair will do wonders. If you don’t know which product to choose. Try to experiment with different products until you get the results you desire.

Hair Color and Conditioners

Normal conditioners are great for the hair, but not for colored hair. Shampoos can wash out color. So, we want a conditioner that can seal in the color and keep it looking fresh. If you color your hair it is important to have a conditioner that is specifically created for colored hair. This type of conditioner help seals the hair cuticle allowing the hair color to last longer and reduce the damage in the hair caused by processing. There are certain conditioners that are assigned to the type of tone that is used on the hair such as bluish colors for grays or ash hair color and reddish for auburn, mahogany and red hair color.

Back in the early fifties shampoos were closer to soaps than to the shampoos today. It was merely used to clean off dirt and oil from hair. These shampoos tend to be drying and harsh on the hair causing damage. This then caused the surge of conditioners in the market. It was used to add moisture back to dry and damage hair. However, conditioning hair treatments have been present in traditional or natural treatments for hundreds of years. Honey, milk and aloe have been used in natural conditioning remedies and was popular among Asian, South American and European culture. Since then different types of conditioners have been created to not only moisturize hair, but also help add nutrients, maintain color, enhance natural texture and add protection.

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