Things You Never Thought Causing Your Zits

Pimples, acne, zits. They are the reasons why you cannot face the world confidently. Other than your genetics make up, type of skin (oily or combination skin), and poor hygiene, some of your everyday stuff can make your pimples to resurface.

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Check your favorite things you usually use on a daily basis that is giving you zits. I know, you will be surprised with this report.


Have you cleaned your cellphone/smartphone lately? If you haven’t, you are exposing yourself to the danger of getting pimples on your cheeks or anywhere near the area where you hold your phone. This may be due to long conversation you had with a client, a long lost friend, or your boyfriend or husband. Several reports have revealed that your phone is exposed from different types of bacteria and dirt and transferred from your hands, your bag or the kitchen counter. This can easily transfer to your face especially if you are having long chats. Always make a point to wipe the screen with an anti-bacterial wipe often to get rid of dirt and germs. You can use your earphones while you are talking to a friend over your mobile phone or smartphone.


Makeup brushes

When was the last time you have cleaned your makeup brushes? Many women skip the habit of not cleaning their makeup brushes. Well, brushes harbour a ton of bacteria every time you put color on your face. Prevent acne by ensuring that you wash your brushes at least once a week with mild shampoo and warm water. If the brushes do not look well, toss them off.


Not changing your pillowcases is also a culprit why acne appears on your beautiful face. No matter how you religiously wash your face before you hit the bed, if your pillowcases are dirty due to sweat and dirt from your hair, hands, among other factors, this cloth can clog your pores. This causes formation of pimples, so it is better to change your pillowcases every few days. Bear in mind to wash them thoroughly to get rid of dirt and bacteria.

Hair products

Hair styling products may give you a dazzling hair but it can be a source of breakout if not used properly. These styling products seep oil on the forehead that traps acne-causing bacteria in your pores. This causes annoying pimples on your forehead and along your hairline. Going for bangs? Fringes make your acne worse as it brings skin clogging hair product right on your forehead. What should you do to prevent those pesky pimples on the forehead? After applying hair styling products swipe a cleansing wipe across your face and try to keep hair products away from your hairline. Even shampoo leads to bacne (back acne) especially when your rinse it off. To get rid of bacne, use mild body wash or soap after washing and rinsing hair.

Makeup remover

Makeup wipes can contribute to those irritating zits. According to skin experts, the way you use your makeup wipes is the culprit of zits. Some women think that wipes are enough to cleanse your face and skip washing their faces at night. Did you know that after a long day of wearing makeup, dirt and bacteria thrive on your skin, making it easy to develop acne. How can you thwart acne caused by your makeup remover or wipes? Search for gentle and noncomedogenic wipes. Don’t forget to wash your face after you wipe them off with a makeup remover.


Have you noticed small zits on your chin or around the mouth area? If yes, your toothpaste can be a reason for your pimple appearance on those areas. There are certain ingredients in toothpaste that causes dryness, irritation and burning. Smart tip to do to get rid of pimple near the mouth area is to brush your teeth first before you wash your face. By this technique, you are able to cleanse away those damaging ingredients in your toothpaste.

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