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Things Young Women Need to Know About Puberty

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There is one thing that both genders will surely go through. It’s something some of us anticipated and some hated. One thing is for sure though, this is the time where so many changes happen in your body. If you’ve guessed already we are talking about puberty. Female puberty to be exact. This is one of the most difficult times for women to go through. This is the time where the female form begins to mature and the body starts to go different physical changes. You may know someone that will undergo puberty or undergoing it. No matter the situation a young woman should be able to know what to do and how she should handle any situation puberty throws at her. These are some of the things young women need to know about puberty.

It Will Be Difficult to Tell When It Happens

Puberty is difficult. Some of us can go through it a lot earlier than others and some can go through them later. Some of your children can get puberty in different phases. On average, girls can start their puberty in their tenth year. Though, it can start as early as seven and as late as fourteen. That is if they do not suffer any type of hormonal problems that can affect their puberty. Identifying when it actually starts is difficult, especially if there are minimal physical changes such as enlargement of the breast, new dark hairs and menstruation.

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Changes in Your Body Will Happen and It Is for A Reason

Everything that your little girl will go through happens because it has to. Changes in your body are a way for your body to prepare for puberty. The changes make your body more open to maturing. Your body becomes more adaptable, stronger and faster. Puberty also prepares the body to one day conceive. As much as we might hate these changes. We have to understand that we cannot stop it. We as parents can only help them through it healthy and happy.

It Will Undergo Crazy Changes

Puberty can cause some crazy and uncomfortable changes in their body. These changes can be unsettling at first, but in time she will adapt to it like you did. Though, it is best to help them prepare for these changes such as embarrassing changes such as unfamiliar odors, pains in certain areas, hair growth everywhere and of course their first periods. Sudden growth will happen, one day their favorite jeans will not be able to fit them anymore for their growth spurs and this is completely normal. Tell them about body odor and what they have to do keep their hygiene in check. Hair growth in areas that weren’t there before and what choices they have in maintaining them. Share with them about their breast and hips getting bigger. There are so much more changes in their body that they will need to understand and manage. Oily skin, acne, menstruation, changes in the genital area, discharge and lots and lots of sweat.

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Emotional Changes

This is probably the most difficult part of puberty. It can be surprising to your child and to you. Though, you don’t have to worry that all these changes happen in one go. There will be times where your children are more aloof or distant towards their family. There are days where they will feel more emotional and may require personal time and growth. Sexual attraction will also occur during puberty. This is important to talk to your children. Help them validate their emotions. This is the time where they will acquire a lot of their perspective. Teaching them the right way to go about their feelings and what actions to take can dictate their future choices. There will times where they will feel awkward about their body. Having someone they can talk freely without judgement is imperative.

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Don’t wait until she asks you, it’s best forgive the talk early to help them prepare for what’s to come. We are here to help you give the talk. Allowing your kids know about puberty will help them through it smoothly. This is a topic you should be open with your children. Bras, menstruation, changes in their body and so on. Every girl goes through this and helping her along the way will make the transition a hell of a lot easier.

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