This “Golden Honey” Mixture is The Strongest Known Natural Antibiotic

The Health Benefits of Honey:
– Prevents acid reflux
– Rehydrates gastroenteritis
– Heals wounds and burns
– Treats allergies
– Fights infections
– Reverses bacterial resistance
– Prevents radiation-induced dermatitis
– Improves digestion
– Traditional cold remedy

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The Health Benefits of Turmeric:
– Strong antioxidant
– Powerful anti-inflammatory effects
– Natural anti-inflammatory compound
– Improves brain function
– Lowers risk of brain diseases
– Lowers risk of heart disease
– Prevents cancer
– Prevents Alzheimer’s disease
– Benefits against depression
– Delays ageing
– Over 150 therapeutic activity

So, what was the point of listing the many health benefits of honey and turmeric? It is for better understanding or at least some grasp of how an immensely effective medicine it would make to combine honey and turmeric, also known as “golden honey.”

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True to its name, golden honey is worth gold. Particularly used for treating cold, the mixture also treats complex respiratory diseases, lowers blood pressure, thins the blood, decreases blood sugar levels, speeds wound healing, serves as a cough syrup, and makes a homemade skin conditioner.

Let’s get to the most interesting part: preparing and learning how to use the mixture.
– Ingredients needed:
1. 100 grams / 3.5 oz of raw honey
2. 1 tbsp. turmeric
– Preparation:
1. Add the turmeric to the raw honey.
2. Mix well.
3. Empty the mixture into a jar.
– How to use:
1. 1st Day: Take ½ teaspoon per hour for the entire day.
2. 2nd Day: Take ½ teaspoon per two hours for the entire day.
3. 3rd Day: Take ½ teaspoon thrice for the entire day.
– How to consume:
1. Leave mixture in the mouth until it dissolves.

There are a few setbacks however. Turmeric may decrease levels of blood sugar and contract muscles in the gallbladder. People suffering from diabetes or bile disease must not take this. It is not recommended to take the mixture during meals otherwise the body would digest it along with the food. However, when taken after meals, it would act on the kidneys and colon.

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