Tips and Tricks to Curbing Your Drinking Problem

It’s not an easy task to turn your back on alcohol. However, it can be done. The best way to start your journey towards being sober is by knowing the negative things that alcohol can bring to your health and life.

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Oftentimes, the best way to curb alcohol addiction is with the help of a professional. For most people, making small and sensible steps at a time can actually help them abandon their drinking habit. The following are some tips and tricks to get rid of the addiction. Remember, it will help a lot the support of family and friends are also sought. Read on.

Tip #1: Write Down All Your Reasons

Before you start this life-changing journey to being sober, identify the reasons why you want to embark on it in the first place. Do you want to perform better at the office? Do you want to improve your relationships? Do you want to safeguard your health? No matter the reasons, write them down to get motivated.

Tip #2: Refrain From Keeping Alcohol at Home

Out of sight, out of mind — that’s how and old romance-related adage goes. That is why you should never have alcohol within the confines of your own home. If you don’t see a bottle of it, you won’t be tempted to drink. It is also a good idea to quit dropping by convenience stores where you can easily spot alcoholic beverages.

Tip #3: Gradually Reduce Your Consumption of Alcohol

The key is to slowly but surely reduce the amount and frequency of your drinking. Set days when alcohol is a no-no. As a starter, you may choose a couple of days per week. Eventually, as you become less and less dependent on alcohol, increase the number of your no-alcohol days.

Tip #4: Take Your Time When Drinking

On days that you are free to drink, remember to sip your drink and not guzzle it down. It is a good idea to have something else in between servings of alcohol. It can be water, fruit juice, soda — anything that doesn’t have alcohol in it. Enjoy the company of your friends to save yourself from focusing solely on that drink in your hand.

Tip #5: Learn How to Politely Say “No” to Drinking

A lot of addiction types usually start due to peer pressure. If you are on your way to curbing your voracious appetite for alcohol, it’s a good idea to learn how to politely turn down offers to drink. This is especially true on your chosen days of being alcohol-free. Remember that you are not required to grab every offer that comes your way.

Tip #6: Keep Your Mind Preoccupied

It’s not uncommon for the urge to drink to surface when you’re bored. Use your desire to turn your back on alcohol as an opportunity to bring a new skill or hobby into your life. Learn how to play the piano, bake cookies or speak a different language. Get into sports or fitness. Grab some paperback novels or buy some art supplies.

Tip #7: Go for Some Effective Stress-Busters

Being stressed is something that can make you want to have a drink. At the end of the day, it’s a good idea to look for ways to effectively deal with stress. Some people go for a massage while others prefer acupuncture. You may opt for yoga or pilates. Some people paint, listen to music, take a relaxing bath, write in a journal or hit the gym.

Tip #8: Let Everyone Know About Your Decision

Make sure that everyone who knows about your drinking problem is informed about your decision to take alcoholism out of your life for good. This will give them the hint that you are no longer interested in getting wasted during fun times. Your family and close friends will surely be more than glad to give you the support that you need.

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