Tips for Eating Better

Nutrition is an integral component of man’s health; however, given the technological revolution, food choices have also evolved, giving people broader options when it comes to their food preferences. The following are some ways on how one could eat better, despite extensive food variations.

According to Fitness Magazine, quality matters more than quantity. The publication also mentioned that while many experts say that one should eliminate certain types of food from his diet, it is a smarter move to eat something that will give a person more energy, boost his mood, and lead him towards his desired weight.

In addition to food quality, one can also eat well if there is balance between calories consumed and calories burned. “Mom Energy” co-author, FITNESS advisory board member, and dietician Ashley Koff told Fitness Magazine that not all calories were created equal in reality and added that quality was just as vital as quantity. According to Koff, eating two 100-calorie packs of cookies as midmorning snack provides a person a sum of two or three servings or nearly 36 grams of carbohydrates, in addition to a small amount of protein. She also said that unless one was highly active, the body would probably store the calories after it utilized 15 to 20 grams of carbohydrates for energy supply. This leads to fat storage and weight gain.

Eating a lot of meat is another way to eat well. According to Eating Well, protein is important to the body, as it is part of every cell in the body. It is also vital in building and repairing body tissues and just like carbohydrates, proteins also provide the body the energy it needs. As per the publication, excellent food sources include chicken, beef, and seafood. Other food sources also include eggs, particularly egg whites, fish, tofu, and milk. In the United States, meat is the center of the meal while in other countries, it is not. It is recommended to include protein in the diet, filling a quarter of it. Also, the meal should have a quarter of carbohydrate sources like brown rice and potato, with the remaining half of the meal comprised of vegetables. Three ounces of cooked meat should also be included per serving, using lean cuts of pork, beef, or chicken without the skin.

Fruits and vegetables also serve as vital inclusion in one’s diet, in order for him to eat well. According to American Heart Association, vegetables should be kept pre-chopped or unchopped, along with fresh fruits. As per the publication, fruits and vegetables are more likely to be grabbed by the family, as compared to other food sources, provided that the former are ready to be eaten.

While salt also adds flavor to a meal, they give problems to the body in the long run. Sodium attracts water, causing fluid retention in the body. This physiological process could lead to edemas or congestion of the cardiovascular system and urinary system, which could further lead to heart diseases in the long run. Overall, chips, pizza, and soy sauce are some of the high-protein foods. According to the American Heart Association, pizza and chips serve as two of the salty six for children, with bread and rolls, sandwiches, cold cuts and cured meats, and cheese being the four others. The publication also mentioned that children obtain such sodium food sources at the grocery stores, school cafeterias, and restaurants, with 35 percent of them being consumed at dinner time.

Along with proper diet and eating patterns, one can achieve total health and wellness with regular exercise, adequate sleep and rest, right attitude, and discipline.

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