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Tips for Thicker Hair

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Develop Healthy Habits for Your Hair

Everyone wants healthier shinier hair. Men and women, as they get older, both face thinning, breakage, dry hair, and some face balding.

A thick full head of long luxurious shiny hair is not just determined by good genes, it is mainly determined by our daily habits. Our daily habits can make or break our hair.

1. Ditch the Heat

One of the number one reasons women face thinning hair and breakage is due to heat damage. Straighteners, hair curlers, and blow dryers cause a lot of heat damage to our stressed out tresses. Resolve to not use the highest heat setting for your blow dryer. Try to dry your hair with the middle or lowest heat setting. Only concentrate the heat for a second or two on each area. Avoid burning your hair as much as possible. If using a curling iron, turn it down to the lowest setting possible.

2. Take Care of Your Hair from Within

Beautiful hair starts inside. Feed your hair with healthy foods. Start taking a hair supplement. I experimented with hair supplements last year from $50 a month to $5 a month supplements. The best one I found, with the best visible results, cost about $6.00 a month from Walmart.

3. Drink LOTS of Water

Start observing the people around you with long beautiful hair. The thing I have found that they all have in common is that they drink LOTS of water. The ones with the shiniest, most luxurious hair are never seen ordering cokes or diet drinks, they always order water. Our hair needs lots of water to be luxurious and soft. The rule of thumb is an average of 8 glasses of water a day.

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4. Get Regular Trims

Don’t be fooled by products that claim to “repair” split ends. Once hair is split, it is best to trim it. Regular trims will keep your “hem line” looking thick and healthy. A good schedule for trimming is at least once a quarter. I know many long haired women that swear by trimming around the New Moon cycles. This is also recommended by the Farmers Almanac. The Farmers Almanac has a monthly calendar that suggests the best days to trim hair, and it is usually around the New Moon. The key is though don’t neglect your hair trims, you could end up losing inches instead of centimeters from lack of attention to this important factor.

5. Regularly Massage Your Scalp

Develop the habit of massaging your scalp when you are washing it and when you condition. Bald and thinning spots tend to occur in areas where the scalp has a lack of circulation. Stimulating the scalp helps to get the blood circulation going to that area. There are extensive you-tube videos on this subject documenting balding areas, widows peaks, and thinned out areas thickening back up just from developing the habit of scalp massage.

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