Tips on How to Get Rid of Pests Naturally

Pests have the unnatural ability to invade our homes no matter how hard we try to keep it pest free. This is usually a problem come the summer where we often use pesticides and other products just to get rid of them. Although these insecticides can get the job done, the danger of spraying them inside the home particularly in areas that are frequented by other people and pets can pose a threat to their health. How then will you be able to get rid of pests so they won’t be a bother to anyone?

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Citrus peels. If you’re being pestered by those creepy crawlies on your walls, the best way to get rid of them is by using citrus peels. Rub some of the skin of citrus fruits in areas that are frequented by spiders to keep them from coming back. Plus the juice from these peels can also be used to polish wooden furniture.

Take a shower. If you have spent a considerable amount of time outdoors, particularly around areas where ticks and other insects are present, you need to take a shower after to get rid of any possible insects clinging to your skin. This prevents them from falling off inside your home and retreating into the dark to breed.

White vinegar. Ants can pose a problem in many households especially around the kitchen but before you call in an exterminator to get rid of these pests, go the safer route and simply put some white vinegar in a spritz bottle and spray the area that the ants frequent. Just make sure that you test the vinegar against clothing or carpet as it might stain them.

Clean your garbage can. Another pest that can annoy is houseflies. These are the ones that like to hang out in open or dirty garbage cans. The best way to combat these flies is to clean your garbage can every week and sprinkle some borax to prevent flies from inhabiting it. Make sure that you close the bin tightly as well to prevent houseflies from zoning in on your garbage.

Cinnamon. Pests know how to get inside your home but you can prevent this from happening by sprinkling some cinnamon in areas like the doorways and windows to stop them from crossing inside your home.

Vanilla extract. Getting rid of pests doesn’t have to leave your home smelling bad because you can actually combat these pesky insects using some good smelling ingredients. For example, you can combine vanilla extract with water and spray on areas that are frequented by pests. This will not only prevent those creatures from making a home in your house but your space will smell quite yummy too. You can even add some mint, lemongrass, or other ingredients inside the bottle to combat pests while leaving your home smelling great.

As you can see, there are safer ways to combat pests that you should know about. Try the ones mentioned above to get rid of those pesky creatures that are invading your home.


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